Tick - Tock

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Clocks tell a story - what is the tick or the tock of life

Old father time sits in his chair by the fireside watching the great hands on the clock of all time - moving round it’s dial.


He knows the wisdom of ages – and that on every tick , from the myriad of life forms that exist on Earth that a new life is born into the world– and that on every tock an old life departs.


The test of time has stood learning to this and his role is to manage the tick & tock of existence.


Once a day, every day –forever he takes the key from his pocket to wind it’s great mechanism – the mechanism of eternal renewal.


There are no days and no nights in his world , but in the world of the mortals he knows that there is light and darkness.


A Few Million years have passed and as ever technology enters into his realm.


A Salesman calls and sells him the very latest of gadgets – Time in a box (an LED clock) …he puts away the key that wound the mechanism of eternal renewal – he now does not need to sit in the chair by the fireside watching the hands go round – he can be free and have other things to fill his time .


Just Two years pass –which is of course a mere blink of an eye for Old Father Time – and he gets a knock at the door.


Upon opening it he finds God stood there before him, tapping a foot in annoyance.


“ What have you done? “ asks the God of all - rather impatiently .


” Sorry, what’s the problem “ replies the Father of Time quizzically.


“ Have you seen what’s happening on Earth? “ rasps the immortal God.



Old Father Time opens the lid to his - Globe of Eternity .


Casting his gaze upon the world within, he is quite amazed to see humanities seeming sprawl - which had always looked quite balanced across the world , now seemingly somewhat subdued ……to what at first glance appeared to be a mere trickle – but on closer inspection – is just the opposite .



The population of the globe in some parts had fallen to nought but a handful … they had no food, no shelter and no water – the population of others had erupted to volcanic proportions where life lives on top of others lives.


Greed grew wealth – man knowingly and uncaringly wasted resources. …They sold natures wares to other needy people to line their own pockets …even God Given’s like Water – was traded as a commodity.


And all around as humanity lost it’s faith there was nothing but the husks of departed souls piled up around the globe.


“ I don’t understand it “ cried out the Father of All Time – “ What’s happening!!!!


“ Been busy playing Golf, “ ask’s our Lord!!!casting his eye’s on the timekeepers footwear.


”Have you by chance checked the clock  ? “ -  He ask’s


Old Father Time rushes to his mantle piece and is amazed to find the LED Clock is blank – stopped working – dead to the world.


“ I don’t understand it “ he cries …” it came with a lifetime guarantee “  !!!!


“ Bloody fool “ mutters God under his breath as he stuffs his hand into the swathes of his toga to find his pocket …


“ Here – he say’s “ thrusting his hand towards the Old Fool –“ the battery needs changing “….


“ Oh “ cries Old Father Time – “ I had no idea …….no one told me …I thought technology had the answer to all our problems “


“ You Twit “ gasps the God of all – “ you’ve certainly been sold a pup “


"Technology certainly grows with knowledge and time “ … “ But Man only

uses technology to grow his personal wealth – not to sustain or grow the World’s capabilities – They just want to exploit them “ - say’s the Lord.


“ In the world you see - those that have, have more - at the cost to those that have not “ … “ It’s called dog –eat dog “. “ And If I have it – you can sell it and if you don't then you have to pay for it “ ….he cripes.


“ Time - Yes - Time is the leader of technology “ quip's the Lord .” Technology is not the master of time “ … “ You Are – Old Man “.


“ Oh Bother “ squawks the old man as he sticks in the key to wind the mechanism and having done so – again hears the familiar tick & tock of the great timepiece.


“ But – what’s going to happen –down there “ he croaks –pointing towards the globe.


“ Oh – don’t worry about them “ say’s the Lord God – “ they will continue to use their two main forces – their greed and their technology to destroy the world “


“And then when it’s full of humanity to bursting & they have used up the whole of the worlds resources “


“ When the poor world can’t possibly sustain life any further - they’ll turn to me for help“…………  ”Till then, you take some Time out “ he quipped – sticking the new battery into the LED clock & watching the blue light start to glow.


” Now how’s your handicap “ .


1pups - ccboo –april2012



Submitted: November 21, 2014

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