Poor Souls

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Life , is ours
Living it is not free
Consequence is a judgement

Submitted: December 25, 2007

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Submitted: December 25, 2007




Free, as a daisy.

Poor as a church mouse

Shackled like a prisoner


However we see ourselves, we live our lives in

the spotlights shone by others and yet in the sidelights

of our own world.

Within the sun spots we daunt and cherish our moments

Yet, within the darkness of our lives we

find nothing but the pain of living .


Bright stars burn with such intensity but still wither into darkness.

the soot of their existence masking the mere faint bloom of others.

Poor souls wish but never master and the brash perhaps master but

never wish for anything but themselves.


Judgement of others masks the truth of our own shortcomings

but as the dust settles , our infinity ends ..


In the lives of the generations of our future – their thoughts turn to look ahead.

Our lives lived within the sidelights in the past extinguish like a match struck underwater.


Shine, like a life in the spotlight, make each moment count.

The lives of the future can be built by us all.

We live on as they build on our passion.

Influence past your years of living and immortalise within the

mind of the future.


You are the future – blame no one – but yourself.















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