Watching and Waiting

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What makes a man , his father or his son.

Submitted: July 14, 2008

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Submitted: July 14, 2008




Nowhere other than just here, at this very moment in time had anyone seen a likeness so close to the original. Stature, mannerisms, superlative originality, incredulous self belief …….and of course looks and knowing,.

All very clearly stated to anyone who looked,  whether they knew him or not , it was very simple :-

He was indeed – son of his father – his father’s son.


Being his father’s son gave him some measure of comfort in understanding not only what he expected of himself and other members of his clan, but also of what was expected , by him of the other people who drifted into and out of his life.

This belief also extended to others outside of his circle of contact.

In itself this belief gave him, in his own mind, both the standing and self acknowledgement that he required of being himself.


This knowledge of being himself meant self recognition of being a person and a man. Of course a person as was all others around him, but a in being man , that is a real man of both, substance and measure.

Being of substance gave him instant recognition of status within his own self. Consequently he never felt the need to compete with others. Most of whom perhaps did not have a view of their own substance or value, as he did.


In his eyes this knowledge alone was so as to equate to double his own value of himself and substantially place him in value and merit above all others.

In addition to this:- to also have a view of his own measure – simply quadrupled the value of his being over all others , placing him head and shoulders above everyone else and also quite rightly , positioning him very , very near to the top of his own ladder of eternity.

Of course only one other was placed higher than him and this was just one step further on his ladder of eternity:- Father of the Son.


Other simpler mortals, that abounded his world he placed at lesser treads on this eternal ladder of status, although some, who perhaps just flitted into and then out of his life never even made it onto the bottom rung. 

Gender gave a great insight into both positioning need and entitlement in his eternity.

 “ As needs must “ he would tell himself, calculated and evolved into a very simple placement of those that met his and only his needs, being placed nearer to the steps just beneath his status than those who did no more than – in his opinion – fill a space in the void of life.



Siblings often take a view of each other and wonder as to the stupidity, the daftness and the light of simplicity that others see in them that they do not see in themselves. They themselves do not see the aura of unknowing that abounds their being, nor the stark natural fact that they are not perhaps as worldly wise, knowing or intellectually challenging to others as they would believe themselves to be.

Viewing their own ability, just as one would view a new purchase, they see only the shinny new wrapper covering the object, never the potentially flawed, marked and scratched surface below that is there obscured below the new packaging.

From his humble origins he had now decided that this knowledge of his own growth indicated to him that his own measures of his world – very much needed to be redefined.

Mortality and being ………..were the two considerations that he decided should take precedence over all others  - this being so he was aware that he himself was by this judgement fully entitled to expect to take a step up – at a date yet to be defined of course ….some time into the future, to stand on the very top tread  in his eternity ,  currently allocated to and resided upon by the father of the son.


These were indeed great empowering thoughts – to both know and understand what life expectancy there was for him. Not only for him though, for to know and understand his expectancy also meant that he knew what there was for others within his eternity, and to know what there was for others – gave him immense comfort, confidence and belief.


These very thoughts though – had given reason for some dilemma within his environment and world. Because If …. mortality meant – subject to death …….. and being meant – existence ……then his eternity as he had seen and fully believed in till now , this his forever could not exist , could not be .


For if he (as he now knew he would) was destined to step up to take the very place that was now occupied by the father of the son – then surely at some time in the future – his own child (for he was sure to have some) was also destined to do likewise and if this was the truth in life – then how could the ladder of direction and status be eternal  – had he therefore simply mislead both himself and others as to validity of this one single thought?



His eternity had been with him for a long time, many years now – never needing to question it had indeed given him the opportunity to look to the now and never question a future. Now however – he would need to question and perhaps concede that his eternity was not as he had envisaged.


If he was to question this, the very largest single aspect of his being.

The very fact that his eternity outside of his thoughts was not a reality – therefore there could not be a  forever . And if he did not have the luxury of everlasting time, as he had envisaged , to simply languish and wallow in - as his sole role and part in his eternity, then what?


An urgency – never before experienced, entered his life – he had things to do, exploration to undertake, things to find out about, success to achieve – even an impact to make on the world that he lived within.


Siblings and clan who had previously held their place on his ladder of being, suddenly found themselves being rescheduled, reallocated a status, restructured – due to the new found importance or value that they could be – or not , to this being – the son of the father.


One by one all the old – were replaced with the new, views were taken below the shinny packaging, the flaws, scratches, marks were viewed and the grey was seen between the black & the white.


A new world – a new understanding entered him – “Time “


Son of the Father – His Fathers son … had unknowingly been watching and waiting for “ His Time “ to arrive.




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