The Change Will Come

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A man and a woman converse about their current state in a dystopian world.

Submitted: May 03, 2011

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Submitted: May 03, 2011



Mike walks into a bar. The Nine Twenty. The voices are low, nearly inaudible. The loudest sounds are the rumbles of his empty stomach. He sees a woman at the bar. Her head hangs low like all the other patrons. She sips a drink.  He takes a seat next to her.

“Why must I go hungry everyday? Why do I buy these consumables, things I don’t need? I'm sick of it,” Mike says.
“Then quit. Don’t buy those things anymore. Buy food instead.”
“Do you know how hard that is? To buy things you need over things you don’t. I mean look at you Jin. You sit here and sip your drink. I bet your stomach rumbles too. But that drink feels good doesn’t it.”
“It does,” she admits sipping her drink.
“We sit here starving, drinking and buying useless products while children die.”
“Children died?”
“Yeah. Some bastard opened fire in district two today. In a way, it kind of saved my ass.”
“What?” Jin says.
“Right before the fire started some cops came and almost clubbed me to death,” he says rubbing his head.
“What for?”
“Last week I stole from a fruit stand. I had just spent my last credits and was starving to death like I am now. I didn’t think any one would notice.”
Mike pulled an apple from his pocket.
“But you do know they’re going to find you again next week. Why’d you do it again?”
“What am I suppose to do? Starve? I can’t think for myself. I buy things I don’t need instead of things I do and have to steal to live. I get abused for it. And I still starve.”
“And who’s to blame for that?” Jin takes another sip.
“Myself. But wasn’t I born into this system?”
“We all were.”
“And what way out is there? Tell me that Jin. How do we get out of this?”
Jin fell silent. She picked up her drink for another sip. But put it back down before it reached her lips.
“One day. One day Mike. A change will come.”

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