Letting go! by Ce

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What came out of my brain after my six year relationship ended.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012




They say that letting the tears will help heal 

Help fix the bad so that we can deal

To assist in saying goodbye to the old

Then to help a better future mold

First we have to let go of our hope 

So that we can start the process to cope

To help deal with the horrible pain

So that our life doesn’t put bad as our main

To say goodbye to a toxic old friend

A person that took my heart and did nothing but bend

He took my feeling and did nothing but played

And slowly everything in my life became to fade

I went to having many people to talk to 

To just him just my bo

He tried to tear me down with words

I even got to see the tips of a few swords

The last straw wasnt even when he started to smash

Jail he went and to get out he needed cash

They last point was know that I wasnt first

That he need another to quench his thirst

I knew that he wasnt happy here

So I let him go because I care

And he went running to her that thing

But behind her back I was the one he was seeing and calling

He claimed with all his heart he still loved me

And that I was the only one with the key

Now months later and he made a life with that thing

Its time for me and him to stop the loving

So that I can start the healing

So that once agaii I can start caring

Show effort in to myself and my future

Then maybe I can get the cure

So that I can live and so I can love someone

A person that will say I love you hun

In my mind I will trust and believe

But only because I let my love go and let you leave


© Copyright 2018 Ce Rich. All rights reserved.

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