Heart beat by: Braedon Ceasor

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A short verse from a rap song I am currently working on.

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012



I hear beeps of my heart from the machine I pray to god ill wake up and its all a dream

I feel the pain of the cut down on my chest

I need to stop the pain I need sum god damn fucking rest

It's hard to breath , lord come and save me

I need to hold on to say goodbye to my baby

Look at my arms there full ivs and wires

Im where I am no cause of these cowards and liars

Can I only trust me , myself and I ?

I ask these questions as im lookin up at the sky

The pain in my chest is overshadowed by my thoughts

When your laying in your bed alone you tend to think alot

Why Im I here lord show me the right way

Cause right now I wish it was yesterday

I would say I love you to my moma

And right her a letter , no need for any commas

For All I would hav to say is I love you goodbye

Plz moma be strong aint no need to cry

Your baby is in a better place

All my sins now god will erase

Dont matter if hes Christian , Muslim or Jew

God is righteous, strong, powerful and true

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