i miss you (C&C)

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just a poem i came up with feelings pretty much

Submitted: February 18, 2012

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Submitted: February 18, 2012



Sitting here on my own

You're out there sitting at home

I'm missing you 

Holding back tears

When will i see you again

Will it be months Maybe years?

Whether you know it or whether you don't

I want you with me to have to hold

You're too far away

I can't hear your heartbeat

I'm used to having you her next to me

I Love You regaurdless of the distance

Just please get here with me

I don't care about their resistance 

Baby please if you see this at all

Come catch me like you always do before i fall

I know im a bitch yeah i can admit it

But you're my other half and you've always been it

Curtis i'm in love with you 

You know its true

Get back here with me

So i can hold you

I Love You Baby never forget

I know our love is truly worth it

I know you love me i hope its true

I just want to spend always with you

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