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After surviving a very terrible accident and became physical disabled. I have learnt that “nothing is impossible if you believe” besides all the challenges that you may be experience. God will
always be there to give you strength in conquering everything or anything that you may encounter after an accident.

The reason I am writing this book is to,

(1) “Encourage and motivate people living with disability” that a disability is not the end of the world besides all the challenges that you may encounter.

(2) “To motivate people that have experienced challenges after being involved in an accident and became disabled and gave up in life” that nothing is impossible besides any situation.

If I can do it, you can also do it.

(3) “To teach other people about a disability” that people living with a disability are still human beings besides being limited to other normal functions of life.

Disability is not a choice, no one can chose to be disabled, it can happen to anyone at any time.

Stop treating people with disability as incapable people and stop judging and assuming things about them.

Give support to people living with a disability and start learning and understand about a disability.

Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016






This is a sad with a happy ending true story about a teenage girl who was born from a very disadvantaged family based at Katlehong Township, East of Gauteng.

Being raised by a single mother who was a domestic worker, life was very hard for her family. The family had no place that they called home since her mother couldn't afford to buy a house. They were renting shacks and rooms in different places around the Township.

She was not discouraged by her family background, she also had dreams like every other children. That one day she will become educated, get a good job and work hard in order to assist her mother (buy a house for her family, own a car/cars and also become successful in life).It was unfortunate that her dreams where shattered even before she started with her Matric.

When she was about to turn 17 years old in Matric class, she was involved in a train accident that nearly caused her life. She survived the accident with very massive injuries. The accident affected her and her family very badly. She thought it was the end of everything that she had dreamt of but with God in her side everything was still possible.

(For more inforamtion, please wait for the full final version of the book)  



Firstly I would like to thank God the Almighty for saving me from a very terrible accident and sparing my life. I may have lost my leg and other parts of my body but I am very grateful that I am still alive today to share this moment with other people who have been through the same journey as me. God is always good all the time.

This book is dedicated to the people who have been there for me, cared, encouraged, supported and motivated me during the difficult times of my life after my accident, those who are no longer with us and those who are still alive.

To my late grandmother (Elinah Namsiza Mkhatshwa) for the support that she gave me after my accident. She was always there for me, making sure that I am happy all the time and thinking positive about life going forward. She had no money to offer but her heart was big enough to give me love that I needed. I sometimes thought that she was spoiling me because of the love and care that she was giving me, I really miss you Ma.

To my late boss (Mr. Howard Levesley aka Tich), he was the pillar of my strength, he always believed in me, encouraged and supported me. He was my mentor, advisor and my inspiration in life. He always wanted to see my life getting better and better every day. There were times when I thought I chose a wrong career because of my physical disability but he was there as a father to guide me.

To my late partner/fiancée (Sidwell James Phafudi), thank you for being a part of my life. We had our good and bad times, we had so many fights but you were so caring, loving and supportive. You were not ashamed about my physical disability, always proud of me and my achievements. People were always asking why I was with you not knowing how much you cared about me inside and out.

I wish you were all still alive to see me growing stronger everyday and to share this moment with you”. Your support, caring and encouragement meant a lot to me.

To my mother (Thoko Letty Mkhatshwa-Mokoena) for being there for me in my difficult times. You never gave up on me although things were very difficult for you. You lost your job due to my accident but you did everything to make sure that I don’t feel neglected. I really appreciate everything that you did Mama.

To my family, my sister, my stepfather, aunts, uncles, cousins and everyone else that were there for me during my difficult time. I know that things were also difficult to you too but you did not give up on me. Thank you very much for your support, being there for me really contributed to my recovery.

To the Natalspruit Hospital (Orthopedic ward staff), I don’t have words to thank you. Your encouragements and support really built me, you were the best team I ever came across. You made my five months stay in hospital felt like a holiday. Things were not easy for me at all but you were always there for me, you gave your all to make feel better everyday.

To Vosloorus Comprehensive Secondary School (Principal, Teachers and Matric Class of 1991/1992 students). Thank you very much for accepting me and warm welcoming me in your school. You had a great impact in my life, you made me feel belonging with your friendly environment. You never treated me different from you, I even forgot that I had a physical challenge.

To my former boss (Mr. Willie Neethling), thank you for being a father more than a boss. You were and still are very concern about me and my health. You gave yourself time to understand me and my physical disability. When I was about to give up my career, you brought me back. You gave me exposure at work that other people never gave me. You never doubted me even once, you always believed in me.

Thank you very much for everything, I am very grateful that I have/had people like you in my life. Every time when I want to give up in life, I always think about all of you knowing that you will be disappointed on me.



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