Enter Teralyn, a young human who decided to move away from her crazy family and into the neighboring country of Omne, where everything and anything can happen, in hopes to bloom more into her odd powers of astral projection and nature spirituality. The infamous Omne is home to the supernatural, the paranormal, and the abnormal, so she soon hopes to call this her new home.

There, she resides into the long foreclosed abandoned home of the Constellates, meeting three unusual therianthropes: Ophiuchus, Caelestis, and Cetus.

Ophiuchus, an abnormally large green rat snake, abandons his old family to join the Zodiacs, an underground gang that plans to prevent the war and future collapse of two of the most powerful Constellates families - the Majors and the Hellenes.

Caelestis, the popular man of Omne that can take a form of a powerful polar bear, is the prodigy son of Callista, the leader of the Major Family. He finds Teralyn as a new puppet for him to pull into his plans apart from his mother's ideals.

Cetus is known to be the Water Beast and the forgotten member of the Aquae Caelesti Family, sadly abused by the Hellenes' to be a murderer and double agent against the Majors, the Zodiacs, and Teralyn.

Falling into another universe than she's used to, Teralyn is forced to link a spiritual bond with all three men for them to be her Familiars and find a way to stop the Fall of the Constellates. The four of them learn along the way of the meaning of strength, trust, and love.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Snakeroot

There had been stories, their words constantly twisting more than the people residing in this small country of Omne. Far deep in th... Read Chapter