Three Best Friends

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hey, guys! So, this is the first book I ever wrote (I was in first grade). I hope you like it! Sorry for all of the mistakes, I was six.

Submitted: October 03, 2018

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Submitted: October 03, 2018



Three Best Friends




(READING THE NEWSPAPER) Newspaper article:  “One day the bankers declared that the Florida Children’s house was so lonely and they had to find families for all the children.  When they all had families then th3 bankers would shut down the children’s house!”





“Nahja! My little cooker?” said Nahja’s Mother.  


“Cook some soup please.  We have Guests.”

“Yes Mother.”  

“I’d like you to meet Margret.”

“Hello.” Said Margret

“Hello.” said Nahja.

“Oh Mom, how was the newspaper?”

“It talked about how the children’s house is going to shut down.” said her mother

“What?!” said Nahja.

“Well, it’s been nice meeting you.  Nahja has to get ready for school tomorrow.”

“Oh, ok” said Margret and she shut the door

“Bed time.” said mom


In the morning Nahja went to school.

“Hello.  I am principal Jarvis” said the principal. “Welcome to the first day of school assembly!”

“I think i’ll like this place,” thought Nahja





Salia, a girl in Nahja’s class whispered, “Principle Jarvis is cool.  Our teacher Mrs. Mile has a pretty face.”

“thats true, the principle is pretty.” though Nahja


When Nahja got home, Margret was sitting on the couch.

“Wow!” said Margret

“What?” asked Nahja.

“um, well, I...” said Margret

“Never mind.  Come see my room.” said Nahja.  

When they got to Nahja’s room Nahja said, “now tell me why you said, wow.”

“Because I looked out the window and saw a parade of children.” said Margret.

All of the sudden Jahja heard a knock at the door and opened the door.

It was the parade of children.  

“Would you like to buy an orphan?” asked the lady in the front of the parade.

“I’ll get my mom.” said Nahja

“My mom said an orphan can live in my treehouse”.


A girl stepped out of the line.  “My name is Starlinne and I will live in the treehouse.” she said.

“Ok.  Come inside.  Here is $10, ma'am.” said Nahja

Nahja showed Starlinne her new treehouse.  

“Food is inside.  Turn left, right and you will be at the kitchen.  Turn right, left, left and right and you will be at the bathroom.  Go up the stairs and thats my room” said Nahja

Nahja went upstairs and went to bed.

Starlinne went up the ladder and took a rug and slept on that.  In the middle of the night, Starlinne woke up and didn’t feel right.  She got up and layed down on the wooden floor and felt better. She got up and wend down the ladder.  Starlinne went inside and laid on the couch. She fell asleep. She woke up at 9:23.





“We have to leave for school at 10! Hurry sleep head!  We’re gonna be late!” said Nahja.

When Nahja and Starlinne got to school they went to the breakfast room.

“Pancakes” said Nahja

Starlinne said, “Please may I have eggs and bacon?”

Nahja heard Margret say, “I need breakfast pizza! Gimme!”

“You need to be polite.” Starlinne said to Margret.  

All of a sudden the drum patted.  Everyone ran out of the breakfast room.  Starlinne, Nadja and Margret ran to Mrs. Mile’s huge classroom.  When they got inside Mrs Miles said,

“Hello class.  Our helpers today are Margret, Nahja and a blank name.  Oh, its for our new girl in class named Starlinne. Okey dokey. Nahja, Margret and Starlinne, come up please.”

Salia said, “Mrs Mile, Starlinne’s wearing sandals.  We’re not allowed to wear sandals.”

“Starlinne is an orphan.  She doesn’t have any more pairs of shoes.” Said Mrs. Mile

A boy named Tomos said, “ I bet Starlinne is nice.  She could play wall ball with me and even go to music lessons after school.”  

At recess Starlinne planned her day.  At 3:30 she would go to music lessons with Tomos.  At 4:00 she would walk to Margret’s house with Nahja and teach them how to be super polite.  At 4:57 she would have a snack. Then finally at 5:30 she would go to bed.

The drum patted.  Starlinne walked to P.E.

“Today we will run a lap.” said the P.E. teacher. “Find a agroup”

Nahja and Margret ran up to Starlinne. “We’ll be a group.” they said.

At 2:50 they walked back to class and got their backpacks.  

The drum patted.  

Starlinne went to music class with Tomos for 1 hour.  Then she when to Margret’s.

“To be polite you say please, may I, thank you, good day, hello and you’re beautiful.” she said.

Then she ate some broth.  Finally it was 5:30 and she went to sleep.


“wake up” said Nahja. “Today is Saturday and Margret is here to do a band with us!”

“I got the plans from Nahja.” said Margret

Margret told them the plans.





by Nahja

Margret: give out balloons

Starlinne: guitar

Nahja: sing perfectly (the star)


“What?  I don’t even get to make music?” said Margret.

“I only get to strum some strings?” said Starlinne

They walked away.  Nahja was alone in her dark bedroom.  She knew she wasn’t being nice. She drew her feelings.  She was sad.

Her picture:



(Scribbles represent her feeling.)





Then on Monday Nahja went to school.  She sat next to Tomos and Salia.

At recess she walked to Starlinne and Margret.

“I’m sorry.” she said

“Well, we don’t forgive you.” they said.

They went away.  Nahja was sitting alone at music.  

At lunch, Nahja had a beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and radishes sandwich.  Then she went home.

The next day was the first day of summer vacation.  

Nahja ran to Margret’s.  Margaret was standing with Starlinne.

“Sorry!” said Nahja surprisingly.

“Get Out!” Said Margret.

“Why?” asked Nahja

“You were mean!” said Margret

“That was two days ago and I apologized like ten times already!” Nahja replied

“You’re just being mean.” Starlinne said calmly

Nahja walked away crying.  She sat by Margret’s mom at the table.  All of the sudden Margret and Starlinne came into the room.  

“Come upstairs.” said Margret.

The three girls walked up the stairs

“I’m really sorry.” said Nahja

“Fine, we forgive you” they said.  

“Well, I have a surprise.  Your mom told me.” Nahja said.

“She’s driving us to a stage!”

“Wow” they said!

“Come Hop in!” said Margret’s mom.

The three girls ran to the limousine outside.  Margret’s mom drove them through deserts, fields, villages, forests, and roads.  They drove for hours! They were so, so, so, so, so.... SO EXCITED!

They couldn’t believe what was going to happen.





They got on stage.  The curtains opened.  Margret handed out balloons to little babies, girls, boys and even to parents! Starlline strummed the guitar so hard she made super loud music!  And Nahja sang beautiful music. All together they sounded wonderful and absolutely perfect!


They did rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, classic and even Twinkle, twinkle little star! It was a total concert.  The crowd was shouting a band name: The Everythings. So the Everythings played and played. Sometimes the children danced!  The kids favorite song was the chicken dance. They got $19.35 from selling balloons.


They played so many songs.  They sold so many balloons. They even did sing-a-longs! The crowd was going crazy.  They cheered and cheered and cheered! The Everythings sold balloons, sang and strummed!  The curtains closed.


“That was awesome! I loved the name and we got some money even!” said Nahja

“That rocked!” replied Margret

“Cool!!!” shouted Starlinne

“The Everythings are a team FOREVER!” They all shouted at once.

“That was cool!  I loved the balloons so much so I bought fifteen! The music was wonderful! Nahja, you sang awesome!” said Margrets mother.

They knew one another had lots of fun.





The curtains opened again.  “here are some medals, trophies and certificates for the Everythings to win!” a man said.

“Nahja, you earned a white ribbon, a silver trophy and a golden medal!”

The crowed roared.

“Margret, you earned a bronze medal, a silver trophy and a golden ribbon! and Starlinne, you won a bronze medal, a silver ribbon and a silver trophy!” he said “And for all of you , a certificate.”

The Everythings all high-fived.  They were so proud.

“Wait, Here’s something! You guys have broke a world record for best concert, loudest music, prettiest singing and most balloons sold in an hour!” he said.

The Everythings were so excited that they screamed!

The man said, “and the world record for the loudest scream!”

Everybody laughed.

“Well, those prizes are for you guys and it’ll take about three weeks to get your names printed in all those pages.” the man said.

The curtains closed.

“Look at all this white ribbon!” said Nahja.

“I love prizes and ribbons!” said Margret’s mom “I’ll hang Margret’s stuff on the wall of her bedroom.  It will look fantastic!”

Everyone was super happy!  Everyone stared at the prizes they had won.  They were all thinking about the world records.





They had a party the next day.  There was cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, candies, sandwiches, balloons, and even a pool!  Everybody had fun. Nahja was hopping in the sack race. Margret was stuffing cake in her mouth.  Starlinne was sitting under the big aspen tree. All three of them were happy.

They all had been thinking about the night before.

“The tacos are ready!” said the chef.

Everybody ran to the table except for Nahja and her mother.

“I don’t have enough money for the orphan girl to stay any longer.” her mom whispered.

Nahja ran away crying.


While Margret ate a taco, she remembered that she was moving.  Starlinne had no idea yet where she had to go: the orphanage. Nahja was sitting in the field.  She was thinking about: Starlinne going away.


Nahja ran to the big aspen tree.  Margret stuffed her taco into her pocket and ran to fine Starlinne and Nahja.  Starlinne was so lonely so she went to find Nahja and Margret.


they all ran and ran.





They all found each other.  

“I have very, very, very bad news!” said Nahja sadly.  


“My mother doesn’t have money for Starlinne to live with me.” Starlinne started crying.  

“I’m moving tomorrow.” said Margret.

They all started to cry.


The earth almost exploded.


The next morning they all ran to each other.  

“Good by.” They all said crying.

The orphan lady came to get Starlinne.  

Margret’s mom came.

“Bye.” said Margret

She climbed into the van.  They watched as the van got smaller and smaller in the distance.


Starlinne got in line. “so long” she said.

The orphans walked away.  


Even though the three girls were apart, they all knew that they were three best friends.


The End.


© Copyright 2020 Cecily Lessa. All rights reserved.

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