The Red Letter (Sequal)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Did Emily's life finally change when she meet Alex.
Find out now.

Table of Contents

The Red Letter (Sequal)

Did Emily's life finally change when she meet Alex.
Find out now. Read Chapter

Alex's Brother

CHAPTER TWO. Alex's POV . As I was driving from the store I couldn't think of anything but Emily. How could I hurt her like that. I felt ... Read Chapter

You Bite Me, Don't Leave Me

CHAPTER THREE. . We soon arrived at school. I'm still glad that those jocks and freaking whore is gone. But right now a new threat appear... Read Chapter

The Guardian Awakens

CHAPTER FOUR. . I was so mad, so aggravated, so sad, pissed off, ...and alone. I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly went out to the balc... Read Chapter

What Is My Position?

CHAPTER FIVE. Alex had carried me back to the house, I was in a small white dress. When we got back dawn was still there watching TV. \"O... Read Chapter


CHAPTER SIX. \"Alex,\" I said. \"If...if I feel 'good' how would that effect this world?\" I asked as my face went light pink. \"It depen... Read Chapter

Their Coming

CHAPTER SEVEN. Then next day I woke up in Alex's room. Alex wasn't in bed. I got up and got dressed. I soon heard things being moved and ... Read Chapter

Their Alive!!!

CHAPTER EIGHT. we all headed off to school, trying to blend in. But with dawn and alex I felt like I had body guards. Well I might need t... Read Chapter

The Lesson

CHAPTER NINE. \"I don't trust that dog Emily,\" he said. \"Well I do, and since I'm the guardian I make that decision, not you,\" I say. ... Read Chapter

I Saved You

CHAPTER TEN ALEX'S POV Emily's power was starting to get out of control, if we didn't stop it she could blow us all up. \"Uh, alex stop h... Read Chapter

Reinforcements Arrive; Its Near

CHAPTER ELEVEN. \"Alex we need more reinforcements , if what happened yesterday happens again we could be done for in a heartbeat,\" I sa... Read Chapter