Destiny Chooser

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What's your destiny

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



This is dedicated to all the people in the world that may feel empty or like there's more to life than they're making it. Maybe you're living life exactly how you want to and don't understand what you're leading yourself into. Maybe you just don't think there is a such thing of after life. This is dedicated to the hurt, to the anger, to the stressed,  to the self- hearted, to the greed, to the fornicators, to the murderers, and to the thieves. This is dedicated to the sinners, to the backsliders, and to the lukewarm Christians. This is dedicated to the confused, to the depressed, to the unforgiving, to the unsatisfied, to the prideful, to the bitter, to the impatient, and to the unmerciful. This is dedicated to the Muslim, to the Catholics, to Christianity. This is dedicated to the world. This is dedicated to you. 


Are you a fatherless child? Do you not understand love? Is it so bad to be humble? Do you not know who love you more than anyone you can think of? Are you unsatisfied with your features? Did the Lord not make you a man or a women for a reason? Are you a christian or not? Do you know who you are? Is life really that bad that you'll take your own or someone elses? Did love slip the heart of mankind? Is greed better than prosperity? Is lust better than love? Is pride better than humility? Is anger better than joy? Is unforgiveness better than mercy? Is judging others better than compassion?


I ask you these questions because I see the evil in the world. People are going against their own family just to get richer. People are killing each other over a dollar. People are murdering others soul by speaking failure, or even death in their lives. People are to prideful to get a hand from others and they're the same ones asking the Lord for help. People won't even have mercy on others just because they hurt you in the past. People are moping around depressed and upset because they think life isn't worth living. People are angry with the Lord because they lost a love one. People are destroying churches by making them entertaining just to draw people into church. People have no patience at all. They want everything to happen right now. 


Everyone listen! This world isn't your home. Don't be angry or deny the Lord. You're going to leave this earth too. Weep and mourn, just make sure you don't live in that stage. If things go wrong believe they'll get better. Have mercy on others. We all make mistakes and everyone grows daily. If you're ever confused then pick up the bible and read it.  If you don't understand the bible, then pray for a revelations and ask for an understanding. If you're a lukewarm Christian take a pick. Either you're for the Lord or you're not. People that believe an idol will do something for you, please wake up. Asks your idols to heal you and see if it will happen. Truth is, it won't. 


People Jesus is the truth. He's the way to go. He'll give you everything you need and more than you can ask for. Life will always be hard. Being a christian will be hard. They denied Jesus so what make you think they will accept you. There will come a time that you will have to choose. Will you be for Jesus Christ or will you be for the world? With Jesus Christ you will have eternal life, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness. With Jesus Christ you will be humble, radical and you won't be ashamed of who you are. Jesus Christ loves you for who you are and not for what you've done. He loves you for what's inside of you and not because of the outer appearance.  You don't have to get dolled up or look fresh for Jesus because he looks at the heart.  His love is different than the world. His love is agape. He will help you grow to love yourself and others if you let him. He will direct you and lead you on the right path. He will always be there to pick you up even when everyone else have left you there to fall. He will have mercy on you and forgive you when you're not making the best decisions. As long as you believe and have faith in him. As long as you never let him go. As long as you own up to the sinful ways and repent. As long a you don't go back to the wickedness of the world. As long as you don't deny him. He will always be there. Just remember he won't make you belive and have faith in him. He give you that choice. So people make your choice and whatever you choose make sure you know the ending result. 

I love you all and so do my Lord Jesus Christ. 

Written by Cierra "Cee" Brown  

Made and Prepared by The Holy Spirit 

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