Burning Smile

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

My friend has the best smile, it is like fire, and it lights up my world when he smiles. I couldn't help, but to write something about his fiery smile.

The boy behind the counter

he looks at me like no one else.

When I see him, my heart pounds

the prettests eye look at me.

The very sound of his voice

makes the corners of my mouth jump.

His sees me, and his smile grows bright

and it is like the sun.

When he turns to leave

I wish that he would stay longer.

He looks at me one more time

his smile flickers like a flame.

That smile is like sparks

before the fire, and I want to touch.


He looks around for me

not seeing me at fist.

Then the light comes on

he smile's so bright.

He has come to show me new metals

then hang shining from his neck.

His voice rings with pride

he tells me he never won before now.


My phone buzzes

and my heart skips it is him.

I talk him into coming to see me at work

and he comes sitting there like a puppy.

He wants to call me

his voice is all I want to hear.

Even talking about nothing

I have never been more intreged. 


Now, now he wants to see me

he wants hang out at lunch.

My stomach twists into knotts

the butterflies flutter about when I see him.

From head to two he is vissably

unbelievably happy to see me.

It is so hard to go back to work

his smile calls to me.


His arms wrap around me

drawing me into him.

I feel the softness of his hair

as I run my fingers through it.

Our lips meet and I can't contain it

we kiss passiantly, and it's briliant.

My ex is back in town

I love him, but I tell him no.

Infirated he quickly texts a girl

tell them about this guy.

She is pregnant highly upset

and worst of all she wants her man back.

Head down, I tell her she can have him

and my ex talks me back to him.

My phone buzzes he is worried

I tell him I am sorry and I will always be his friend.

Torn apart by angry ex's

my heart is heavy.


I lie next to a  man I should love

my mind wonders back to him.

I can't stop myself

it hurts sometimes.

Now all that remains

is his smiled burned into my mind. 

Submitted: April 14, 2012

© Copyright 2022 CEH. All rights reserved.

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