Death To Rose (Amy)

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The most hurtful, destructive, terrorist, sadistic, people are the ones you never expect it to be.
What if harmless bullying really wasn't harmless bullying? What if that person who hurts other people is really just building it up to something more? Do you really know someone just because they look like they are normal, beautiful, or strange?

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Submitted: July 11, 2011



Today was the day Rose died. Her body lays at the feet of many, but I am not sorry for Rose Lotin. To better understand why she died you would have to understand how she lived. Sooo I will tell you her story.

Rosey was born into a wealthy, loving, unbearably beautiful family, but sadly she was an only child. From the first day she opened those bright blues the world sighed at her beauty. So it is, as you may be thinking, that Rose was the center of everyone’s world here in Cobet. Now I would live you let you all know that even though she was greatly loved, she was also greatly hated. Rose loved to pick on the weaker, socially challenged kids, the goofy looking people, and those who just stood out backwardly. Believe it or not I was one of those kids she use to torment, yet we still looked at her as if she were the great giver of life. With each person her methods were different, she slowly tore us down. The things she said and did just cause us to hate ourselves, to feel ugly, and to become more unsociable.

My best friend Amy Darret had the prettiest hair in the entire school, despite she many many many flaws it was the one thing that everyone noticed the most. She had mucky green eyes, and a goofy smile with a dorky laugh to match. I suppose the many things I enjoyed about her were not the things most people found themselves drawn to. A few weeks before The Rose died, the strangest, oddest, and most horrific things started to happen.

December 1rst was the prolog to the second worst day of my life, and Amy’s last day alive. This day wrong. It took till lunch for her to finally tell me what was wrong. Amy started getting love letters in her locker every week since the beginning of the school year, I know because she was so excited she showed me. They continued up until November. Amy was a bit heartbroken when they stopped, we even thought maybe he moved away, but all the boys who were in the same classes with her were still there.

She got over it, but then they started again November 14th, at her home daily. It was a bit creepy, but Amy was so happy. Every letter said something about how beautiful her hair was, and at the same time Rose was started pointing out Amy’s flaws to everyone in class. The letters started empathize for Amy, and each letter became more obsessed with her hair. Amy stopped showing me her letters, but I knew she was still getting them. It turns out that each letter came with a strand of hair, Amy started to get weirded out. By November 28th the letters became hostile. Inside were clumps of hair. The letters told her to destroy her beautiful hair or the he would destroy her, but of course Amy ignored it.

The night before Amy found no letter waiting for her, relieved she walked into her room. The sight sent Amy into a crazy spell. She threw her door shut locked it tight. She then flung every collector doll she had onto the floor. The dolls where had her face taped to theirs, and their hair had been mutilated. Some where bald, but most still had some hair. Amy ran into the kitchen grabbed a black kitchen trash back and shoved the dolls into the closet. Flinging herself onto her bed she sobbed pushing her hands under her pillow where she felt it. The last letter she would ever receive, “You Are Next” was printed in ink that had ran. Amy slept very little that night, and it was the only thing she thought of.

I decided that we were ditching the last half of the day. As we were walking about Rose looked at Amy smiled and said “Nice hair, now it matches the rest of you.” She winked and we walked out the door. That night as I dropped Amy off at her house I her hair was a bit flat, kind of dead like, it was strange. Amy always smiled about everything, but this day she barely even smiled. The first class we had together was Science, totally boring. I sat across from Amy, and normaly we would pull faces at each other, make side comments, or pass secrete notes, but all Amy did was star at the wall in front of her. The teacher tried to ask her question, and Amy didn’t even respond. Once the bell rang I was all over her, I kept asking her what told her everything was going to be alright, I didn’t know it was a lie. The next morning Amy was found outside her house propped up against a tree. It would have been ruled accidental, or even suicidal death, but on the top of Amy’s head was a disgusting site. Her head had been set on fire, gross fleshy parts had frozen blood, and protruding from parts of her head were little tuffs of doll hair. All around her body where her dolls with her face, and in her hands was a note. “You are the prettiest girl in the world, Amy. Your hair is your best feature.”

Attending Amy’s funeral was the hard. I don’t think I ever cried so much. Of course Rose was there too. Going to school, and even being outside of school was equally hard. I kept expecting to see Amy come bouncing up to me, eyes a glow, ready to tell me what I missed when I wasn’t with her. I know what I missed, and I know what I will miss the most. Even though the police never found the killer, or any evidence, I will find the person who took apart my best friend.

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