Kristina's Snow White

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This is my take on a very well known children's story.

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



“Kristina, will you tell me a story?”
“Go away Ab, I am busy.”
“I just want to hear a story that’s all, and I wont bother all night. I promise I will go to sleep.”
“Good, read me the story of Snow White. Please?”
“No, Abigail I think I will tell you my version:

Long ago there was a queen, a pregnant queen. A quaint boring queen, who sat staring out the window. Outside the snow fail from the sky, clinging to everything, and for some reason the queen thought this to be beautiful. Rubbing her belly she made a wish.

“I wish for my baby to be a girl. That she have fair skin, white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony.”

Of course the queen got her wish, but at a terrible cost, and as she gave life she lost her own. The king quickly remarried. He took an evil lady, Lilith, as his wife. Among all the extravagant possessions she brought with her there was one that most wondrous.

Lilith was not the worlds best mother, she was vain, poked fun at Snow White, treated her as if she were a servant (to which Snow White never objected), and the new queen threw great temper tantrums. As the years went by, they both got older. The queen started to disappear into her room, more and more. Each time she did she returned proud, and graceful. Now the queen always told Snow White to stay out of her room. One day the queen left her door ajar, and as Snow White was passing she heard her step mothers voice calling to someone, and then she heard a bone chilling voice answer. Snow with quickly dashed down to the other side of the hall, turning as the queen stepped out. She thought she saw the queens face twist in anger, but when she looked again the queen was smiling at her.

"Snow White.” Lilith grabbed her alittle to hard.
“Do not run off today, I have a surprise for you. First I must go retrieve it, don’t worry dear. I will be quick.” Then she kissed the top of Snow Whites head leaving her alone in the hallway.

Curiosity quickly got the best of her, and she pushed open the queens bed room door. Looking around she saw the large wardrobe. The room was dark, and cold feeling.

“Hello?” She called out.
“Is anyone here?”
“We are here.” The voice seemed to be coming from the wardrobe.

Opening both doors she first saw the door had what looked to be carvings of demons, touching it she realized they were bones. The back of wardrobe was a large black glass looking thing. It was so beautiful.

“Hello.” The voice came from the mirror.
“Where are you?”
“Right here.” Images of little girls with large gaping holes in there chests flashed across the mirror.
Fighting here terror, and the urge to scream she asked “How did you get in there?”
“We died.”
"We were all killed by the same man.”
“The old lady, my mother, my step mother, the strange lady,” all the voices answered at once, “she told him to kill us.”
“What lady?”
“But why?”
“Long ago, before any of us, Lilith had been born ugly. She made a deal with a demon, and he made her beautiful, but in order to stay young and pretty she had to kill the fairest in all the land, and eat her heart. That was not enough for Lilith, she killed the demon, and ate his black heart. Gaining his power, she spelled the most handsomest man to fall in love with her. She gave birth to a beautiful girl, and jealous of her beauty she ordered her husband to kill there daughter, and as a token of his love he had to bring her the heart of their daughter. Lilith spelled her wardrobe, making it a mirror that would tell her who was the fairest. Who better to her who that was then the fair children who’s hearts she has eaten.”
“How awful.”
“Yes it is awful, and you Snow White are the fairest of them all.”

Footsteps came from down the hall “Snow White, where are you?”

It was the wicked queen, Snow White hid under the bed. The door flew open, and two people came in. She heard the wardrobe open.

"Where is Snow White?”
“Snow White, is here in this room. Under your bed.”
“Get her!” Hands wrapped around her ankles, and Snow White kicked with all her might. Scrambling out from under the bed, she ran out of the still wide open door.
“Get her you fool, and bring me her heart!”

Snow White ran out of the castle, and deep into the forest. Quickly she hid herself as best as she could. Hearing crunching, and cracking of twigs, and the shacking of leaves she held her breath. She saw a dirty man run by, it looked almost as if his flesh was falling off. She stayed there for hours till she saw the man come shuffling by covered in blood. Once she was sure he was gone she ran, until she came across a house. Snow White was to tired to look around the house, instead she went upstairs. Where she found seven little beds. Picking a bed she curled up and fell asleep, and that is where seven tired little men found her. They were not angry, and they loved her at once. Once they heard her story they invited her to stay, telling to never let anyone in to their home, for fear the evil queen would learn of her living with them.

Back at the castle Lilith dined on a heart. She did not suspect that her first husband had killed a pig, cut out its heart, and giving it to her out of fear that she would no longer love him. Content with the heart the queen made a big show of wanting to find Snow White, for she knew no one would ever find her. Not long after eating the heart the queen still felt herself growing old. She asked the mirror.

“Oh lovely souls in my mirror, tell me at once. Who is the fairest in my kingdom?”
“Though you thought her dead, and ate the heart. You were fooled, Snow White still lives, and grows fairer then you each day.” Lilith let out howl, and quickly sough out her first husband. She went to grave yard, standing before his head stone she called to him. He came to life, ready to serve her.
“How dare you make a foul of me! If you weren’t dead I would kill you, but instead…” No longer was a man standing in front of her, instead there stood a small black raven. She plucked out his left eye and stole it‘s voice.
“Fly and find me Snow White. I will cut out her heart by myself.”

From her bed room window she stared out across the land waiting from the raven to call to her and show her the girl she sought. Days went by, until one night, she heard a caw echo in her room. Quickly she sat up and pushed the ravens eye into her own. She saw Snow White singing, and dancing with little men. Rage rose inside of her heart. She had many days to decide on how to kill her step daughter, quickly the queenchanged herself into the wrinkly old lady she should have been, before the deal. She grabbed her apple from the wardrobe. Looking at the apple she smiled a sickly smile. A brilliant red apple had been cursed, all it takes is one bite. Lilith come upon the house, knocked on the door. Snow White called out asking who was there, and that she was not allowed to let anyone in.

“I am just a kindly old lady, wishing to sell you apples. I am sure you can look at them from your window.” So, Snow White looked out the window, seeing an old lady with a basket of apples.
“Oh, aren’t you a pretty one. Here would you like to try an apple? It is free.”

Snow White, seeing no dangers reached out and took the apple. As she swallowed the bit of apple Lilith let out an evil laugh. She had did it, before she got the chance to cut out the heart she heard the little men returning home. They found her on the floor as if dead, no matter what they tried they could not wake her. Hearts full of sadness, they crafted a coffin of glass. They thought it a shame to bury her under the ground, after all she was so beautiful. Sealing her in the glass coffin, they looked upon her and wept. Returning home Lilith went straight to her mirror.

“Oh lovely souls in my mirror, tell me who is the fairest now?”
“Though you thought her dead, her heart still beats. In a coffin of glass she will sleep till her true love saves her. That’s not all” The demon came crawling out of the dark towards her, reaching out, but not touching. He smiled, “your death is coming Lilith. Take care as to how you spend your last hours.”

The little demons made of bones started laughing, Lilith slammed the doors shut. Lilith still in her guise returned to the house, she crept around the house searching for the little men. Seeing none she went into the house searching for Snow White. “Who are you?” Turning she found herself surrounded, she tried to think of an excuse. The little men saw right through her. They brought out their picks, and axes, hacking away at the old lady. Before she died, Lilith cursed them all, including herself, but the spell never effect Snow White in her coffin.

Six years she slept in her coffin. Till one day a man came upon her on horse back. Though he searched high and low he could not find a house, or the people responsible for building the coffin. All there was a small pumpkin patch with seven pumpkins, a terrible looking scarecrow, and a ever watchful raven sitting on the scarecrow’s shoulder. He looked at Snow White, instantly falling in love with her. The man left her there while he went to find men to help move the coffin. The old king had died, leaving the kingdom with no ruler, until a new family moved in declaring themselves ruler. The man sough out the new king, whom he found with the new queen burning a marvelous looking wardrobe.

“Father, I found the strangest thing. In the woods there is a coffin, with the most beautiful girl ever. I would like very much to move it here.”

The new king gave him permission, letting his son take a small ground of men and horses to move the coffin. Snow White still slept as they pulled her coffin through the woods, but as they did the glass began to crack. The prince fearful she would be harmed if the glass broke ordered it to be removed. Once it had been the prince could not resist the urge to kiss those blood red lips. As he did she awoken, and he was happy. He explain to her how he found her, and wished to know by what chance she had come to such a situation. She told him her story, and he took her home where she told the same story again. The prince purposed, and they were married not to long afterwards. Yes Snow White did go and look for the little men, unable to find them she tended to the pumpkin patch,, scarecrow and all. They were possibly happy in their ever after. I like to think so. “

“Good night Ab.”

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