Outside! OUTSIDE!

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A piece I wrote when feeling confused

Submitted: November 20, 2009

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Submitted: November 20, 2009



Outside, OUTSIDE!

Outside! Then I called his name.
OUTSIDE! And then I called all his names aloud!
Out past the tall grass into the forest
Past the hemlock - don't whisper you dark promise again

There... deeper in the trees, where the sun is hidden, and the earth is moist
There... where the maiden sweet and master of the forest tempt to taint my wine
And if they do, will the fairies dance for me, laugh with me?
Call upon Oberon and Titania to sing those secret songs?
Invite me into the land of confusion? - OUTSIDE!

Make me run, exhaust my legs, squeeze my lungs
Where the only drum's the very heart, pounding the blood that burns
OUTSIDE! Run past where the fox neatly hung his gloves
(If he should lend one for the heart?) luminous colours of the digital purple

Outside, past Louis' magical oak with the druid holding sage words
OUTSIDE, will the bear claw at the feet - burn the guilty and innocent alike?
The softness of the moss, and the succulant fat leaves consuming the ground
Will you bed me now? Will you heal all my wounds? OUTSIDE!

The deer sisters, fleetingly across this broken path again
Run with me dear sisters! Will you help be find my luck?
Run to the trees, who will hold me - for no one else would
Call for me the names, whisper the secrets, explain the riddles, OUTSIDE!

Outside to the peak of the vulcano, which sleeps
And smoulders within the womb of the earth
I hear you deep beneath my feet - I hear you pounding in the blood
I hear you call my name
And say OUTSIDE!

Take me to the ancient stones, that were once drenched in enemies blood!
Let me dance and cause the planets to retrograde.
Jupiter and Mars, will you take two steps back at my displeasure?
Wind, blow through my flying hair, take me inside of you, 
Tell me the whole story.
I will listen while the trees and I sway as one - OUTSIDE!

© Copyright 2017 Celeste Neumann. All rights reserved.

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