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Poem about the conflicting messages in todays society

Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



Everybody is sitting down Waiting for their moment Because they're special...right? It has been drilled into them since birth Evidence still not found

You can do anything, they say The sky is the limit So here is reality television Here is some junk food You will achieve great things someday

Let us all pretend to communicate The real thing is too hard It is called "advancement" Why are we struggling With loneliness and self-hate?

Don't kill the trees Books are a waste of paper We're saving the planet We're looking after you But fuck the refugees

The game of money and power plays on As it always has Society is progressing though Gay, trans, pans, bi- we accept you But no marriage, that's wrong

Less pay and long dresses Fuck the patriarchy! We will be free Bare all for you to see as you please Fight those male oppressors

The empty talk is so loud More people and less jobs The future a flickering light It is better now than ever! Go on, make us proud

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