Family of 4

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2 adults 2 children 1child younger than the other the older greats treated by rubbish whilst younger gets everything

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



One day there was a family of 4 living in a house there was a mum with her 2children and then there was the yungest childs dad living there aswell. The oldest child hardly got anything the youngest got everything she wanted is this fair? i guess not both of them should get treated equally but they dont...

One day the oldest child decided to run away and never come back and she did exactly that she ran away for over 3years she knew her parents didnt care about her as they didnt bother to go look for her they waited and waited but she never came back they then found her living on the streets and didnt decide to go say hi and tell her to come home they walked on and never looked back.

so the next day they walked past the ame place where she was sitting and found out she wasnt there anymore she had died the night before, by 3guys they knew who the guys where and they went and congratulated them, they didnt care that there oldest daughter had died it was like she wasnt even there, like she wasnt part of th family, like she was a complete stranger to them, on the night of the funeral they decided to turn up and say a prayer to her and say sorry for not being there but all the people in the church hall, like her dad, brothers, step mum, her dads family, her step mums family and all her friends dressed in smurf costumes didnt believe they was sorry at all as they had a big smurk on their face and was laughing when they walked in. They then got kicked out and got told never to go there again but what they didnt know was there youngest daughter had gone missing she was upset that she lost her sister that she decided her parents where being idiots and she left a note at the side of her bed saying im running away dnt bother finding me you didnt bother trying to find my older sister so dont bother looking for me from your younger daughter. The next day they went out looking and looking but they couldnt fnd her but what they didnt know she was still in her room.

3years later she was living on the streets in the same place as her older sister was her mum and dad seen her there and tried to convince her that they miss their older daughter but the younger daughter was having none of it and stayed there. The next day the parents went back to see if their youngest daughter was still there but unfortunately she had gone. They found out that she had died and had got stabbed by the same 3guys that killed their oldest daughter but instead of congratulating them they went and killed them for killing their youngest daughter.

What they didnt know is that both daughters where watching them from heaven and they payed attention to how they never cared for their oldest child but they could give the world to their youngest daughter

Is this still right? NO it isnt you should treat all children the same.

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