A fishy fairytale

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A little girl befriends a fairy that lives in her garden.

Submitted: August 27, 2017

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Submitted: August 27, 2017



A fishy fairy tale


Mummy, do you know we have fairies living at the bottom of our garden?’

 Amy beamed, excitedly, as she stood at the kitchen door, her hands buried deeply into the pockets of her pink dungarees.

Yes dear of course we do,’ replied her mother, smiling as she stood at the kitchen sink peeling potatoes for tea.

‘No, mummy, we do, really, I’ve seen them.’

‘I believe you dear,’ replied her mother smiling reassuringly.

‘Have you seen them too, mummy?’ Amy asked enthusiastically.

‘No darling, grown-ups can’t see fairies,’ her mother replied as she carried the pan of potatoes over to the stove.

‘Why is that, mummy?’ Amy asked scrunching up her face as she swung her hips from side to side.

‘Oh, I don’t know, dear, it’s just the way things are.’

Realizing that she was about to be bombarded with a hundred and one different questions from her ever inquisitive little girl, Susan quickly added, ‘so, dear, do your fairy friends have names?’

‘Oh yes, mummy,’ Amy chirped, ‘there is, Finn, he is their leader, he’s very friendly and polite and he plays the flute. Then there is Orison, he’s funny and likes to dance all of the time. Then there is Tilana, I call her Tilly, she is very pretty and has big wings, just like a bumble bee.’

Susan smiled at her daughter’s fervent imagination. Bending down she took Amy’s face in her hands and kissed her lovingly on the forehead.

‘My sweet, Amy, Tell you what, why don’t you invite your fairy friends to tea, I would love to meet them.’

Oh thank you, mummy.’ Amy screamed with excitement as she turned tail and ran down the garden path, leaving her mother laughing and shaking her head.



 Amy skipped down the garden path, all excited to invite her fairy friends to tea, she came to their garden pond with its miniature bubbling waterfall.

The pond was her father, Richard’s, pride and joy, where he kept his prized Coi carp. But recently over the last month three of his six carp had disappeared. Amy’s father was beside himself with worry and had pointed the finger at, Hector, Amy’s big fat ginger cat. Amy had vehemently come to Hector’s defense.

Her father had shook his head and said he would be keeping a close eye on Hector from now on.


‘Finn, what are you doing?’ said Amy suspiciously at the little fairy man sitting on the edge of the pond holding out a long stick with a silver thread dangling down into the water.

Jumping with a start, Finn let go of the stick, which disappeared in a twinkle of silver fairy dust.

‘Err, um, Amy!’ said Finn falling over his words as the little girl stood staring at him with suspicious eyes.

Finn was about eight inches tall; his body was short and squat, whilst his arms and legs were long and as thin as sticks. His feet were large and flat and encased in scuffed brown knee high boots.

Grinning broadly, his wide smile reached from ear to long pointed ear.

‘Well hello there my sweet little, Amy, and how are we today?’ beamed Finn as he pulled on the long leaf green coat tails of his splendid jacket with its high starched collar.

‘Finn, was that a fishing rod in your hands?’ Amy said, pursing her lips and giving the little man a stern look.

‘Fishing rod!’ said Finn shaking his head,’ Err, umm, no dear… it was a… jumping stick! Yes that’s what it was, a jumping stick!’ said Finn nodding his head, ‘I was teaching the fishes how to… jump over… the erm… jumping stick, yes, that was it,’ said Finn as he tapped a long skinny finger on his pointed chin.

‘Are you sure?’ asked Amy suspiciously.

‘Of course my dear, would I lie to you?’ said Finn with great conviction in his high pitched voice as he bowed low and winked at Amy and smiled sheepishly.

Breaking into a smile, Amy knelt down, ‘would you like to come to my house for tea. My mummy said you and your friends are all invited.’

‘How absolutely gracious of you dear girl, and very kind of your mother to invite us,’ Finn said full of pomp. ‘But alas, sweet Amy I must posthumously decline such a kind and unselfish offer,’ said Finn wiping an imaginary tear from his large blue twinkling eyes.

‘For you see, dear Amy, our people cannot eat your human food, for we can only sustain ourselves with the special fairy food that grows in our fairy land.

Suddenly from over the fence a great ginger streak pounced landing in between Amy and the fairy man. Hector the cat crouched low and growled his ears pinned flat against his head and his tail puffed up and slowly swished from side to side.

Letting out a terrified scream, Finn leaped up into the air like a frog and landed on the opposite side of the pond; a long thin rapier appearing in his hand.

‘Hector!’ Amy shouted as she grabbed the cat, scooping him up in her arms, where he wriggled and squirmed growling all of the time.

‘It’s all right, Finn, Hector won’t hurt you, will you, Hector?’ Amy reassured the little man as he held out the rapier pointing it at Hector.

‘Well it’s been nice talking to you dear, bid your mother my excuses, Bye!’ rambled Finn abruptly before disappearing in a shower of silver fairy dust.

‘Oh, Hector, see what you have done, you frightened him away.’

Unable to stay mad with her cat for long, Amy rubbed her face in his soft furry body before gently putting him down. Turning, Amy ran down the garden path toward the kitchen to tell her mother there weren’t going to be guests for tea after all.

It was late in the evening when Hector approached the pond, sniffing at the spot where the little man had stood. Letting out a growl, the fur on Hector’s back stood up in warning.


After their tea, Amy’s mother had bathed and dressed her for bed. Amy had refused to go to bed until she had stood at the back door for five minutes shouting for Hector, but there was no sign of him, disappointed, Amy had finally succumbed to her tiring day and let out a big yawn as her father scooped her up in his arms and carried her off to bed. Tucking her in, he kissed her on the cheek.

‘Goodnight, poppet sleep tight,’ Richard whispered in her ear and gently kissed her on the forehead.

Walking over to the door, Richard turned off the light and closed the door behind him.


Hector sat quietly, hidden beneath a large green leaf in the rhubarb patch staring out toward the pond. Suddenly a small swirling light appeared. Hector crouched low to the ground

From out of the light a long thin silver tube appeared, and then a strange haunting tune, slow and doleful issued from the flute.

Slowly, cautiously, Hector crawled forward, stopped, sniffed the air then continued moving closer, to the strange hypnotic sounds coming from the flute. Tentatively Hector stretched out his neck and sniffed at the end of the flute.

A red dust billowed out of the end of the flute into Hector’s face. The cat jumped back, shook his head and sneezed, then let out a low growl as he staggered a couple of steps then fell over paralyzed.

Stepping from the glittering light wearing a long leather apron, Finn appeared. Snapping his fingers together, a long wooden pole appeared in his hands with a vicious curved blade attached to it. Turning his head the fairy whistled,

‘Come on, boys, supper’s here!’

Erupting from the light behind him, a dozen jumping and tumbling sprites and spriggans poured into the garden. Laughing and squealing the spiny little green devils descended on Hector with axes and knives, cutting, carving and butchering the defenseless paralyzed cat, and throwing the bloody lumps into the silver light.


Stirring from her sleep, Amy rubbed her eyes as a tiny tapping on her window woke her up. Stumbling out of bed, she moved over to the window, where Tilana fluttered on gossamer wings rapping on the glass.

‘Tilly, what is it?’ Amy yawned  as she opened the window letting the little fluttering fairy into her bedroom.

‘Quick, Amy you must come, we need your help, Its Hector, he’s chased Orison through the portal into the fairy realm, you must come quickly!’ Tilana cried as she hovered around the room, on her gossamer wings.

‘Hector!’ Amy yawned again rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

‘Quickly now, Amy, you must come to the pond, be silent do not wake up the grown ups, they will stop you, and we need your help, only you can help us Amy!’ pleaded Tilana.

Slipping her pink dressing gown and slippers on, Amy tiptoed out of her room and down the stairs. Unlocking the back door, she hurried down the garden to the pond, where Finn and Tilana were waiting for her.

‘Thank goodness you have arrived dear child!’ Finn said urgently. ‘It is your cat, my dear, he is scaring our people on the other side of the portal, he is too strong and big for us to control, we need you to jump through the portal and bring him back. I beg you, dear Amy we have little time, you must help us!’ pleaded Finn.

Amy shook her head, ‘I… I don’t know,’ she said, her voice trembling.

‘Just crawl through and bring Hector back, quickly child. I will wait for you on this side, please, we need your help, Hector needs your help!’ begged Finn.

Her mind finally made up, Amy dropped to her knees and crawled forward,

‘Hector, Hector where are you?’ she called as she disappeared into the swirling fairy light.

Turning to tilana, Finn clapped his hands and leaped into the air, “that was just too easy my love!’

Laughing, Tilana flew over to Finn,

‘oh, my husband, you are such a good provider for our children and I. The human child shall feed our brood for a good three cycles of the moon,’ beamed Tilana.

‘Aye, my sweet cherry blossom,’ laughed Finn as he held out his hand. ‘And orison has already scouted out our new target!’

‘Oh really, my love, and where is that?’

Finn grinned and pointed westward, ‘four streets that way, number 42, twins, big fat obese, juicy twins.’

Clapping her hands together, Tilana twirled around in the air then swooping down, she picked up Finn in her arms and carried him through the fairy portal.

With a flash the swirling fairy light disappeared leaving the garden once more in silent darkness.


The End


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