Morrigan's Dilemma.

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Another Dragon age tale, featuring, Morrigan the apostate Sorceress as she searches for an ancient Elven mirror.

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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Submitted: October 26, 2017



Morrigan’s dilemma.

A Dragon Age tale.

It had been a month since the Archdemon had fallen to the sword of Thomas Cousland, the Grey warden and Morrigan’s lover. And like her mother had told her, the spirit of the Archdemon had been drawn to the seed of her conception with Thomas.

Even now the foetus was no bigger than her thumbnail, yet she could feel its raw power inside of her womb. Her mother, Flemeth, the witch of the wilds had told her that together they could control the Archdemon, and with its power, control all of the darkspawn hordes which had returned to their underground lairs of the deep roads and forge them into an unstoppable army that would conquer all of Thedas with Mother and daughter as their queens.

That is what Flemeth had told her daughter, Morrigan, and like a fool, Morrigan had taken the bait, hook line and sinker, but now she knew the truth behind the ruse. She had found her mother’s old black grimoire in the tower of magi. It had taken her months to decipher its encrypted script, but Morrigan had finally done it, and what she discovered had even turned her cold blood to ice.

Flemeth was not her mother, Flemeth was nothing more than a human shell harbouring a power more great than Morrigan could have imagined. For lurking within that old bag of flesh and bone was the spirit of an Elder god, banished from the realm of immortals to wander Thedas for eternity living in human bodies until they withered and died and then, through ritual and sacrifice take possession of a new fresh young body, she had prepared for herself.

If that was not bad enough, Morrigan had discovered that the spirit of the Archdemon was also a banished Elder god, and Flemeth’s lover who had been held captive by the darkspawn. But Flemeth had finally figured out a way to free her lover from his cursed existence, and Morrigan, unwittingly had fallen straight into the trap.

Morrigan was to be the next vessel for Flemeth’s spirit and with the spirit of the unborn Archdemon inside of her, Flemeth would rule over Thedas with her son and lover. It was sick even for Morrigan’s dark cold blooded standards.

But Morrigan had a plan, she had no intentions of becoming some fleshy suit for her mother to wear, which had led her to the Brecillian forest and a small clan of Dalish elves led by their Lore Keeper, Marethari who held a secret of a long forgotten Elven magic that Morrigan now needed to escape the far reaching grasp of Flemeth.


They had entered the overgrown ruins of the ancient temple and descended deep into its rock hewn bowels. Morrigan had cast a simple illumination spell. She was accompanied by three Dalish hunters, each carried bows, shields and swords. Marethari had also sent her protégé with Morrigan just in case they discovered any ancient Elvish texts that Merril could decipher and add them to their lore books.

The temple was old and crumbling, moss, spider webs and roots from the forest above hung from its high vaulted ceiling. The going was slow; the floor was covered in lichen and pockmarked with stinking stagnant pools of water that dripped from the moist roots hanging from above.

‘This place gives me the creeps,’ Merril whispered, her lilting elfish voice was trembling. Her features were long and sharp, and covered in clan tattoos. Her hair was short cropped and black; almost boyish to look at.

 She wore a silverite chainmail dress covered in a leaf green tabard. Her thin legs were covered in buckskin chaps and knee high boots. In her hand she carried a yellow ash wood staff with a large red gemstone set in its coiled serpent head.

‘It’s a bit late to back out now!’ Morrigan replied. ‘Anyway do you not want to know more about your ancestors? For when we find it, all shall be revealed.’

‘Yes... yes of course I do,’ Merril stammered, ‘but what about Tamlin? Are you sure you will be able to free him? Even the Grey warden who destroyed the artefact said it was impossible.’

Tamlin was to be Merril’s betrothed but had fallen foul of the relic and was trapped behind its mirrored facade.

Morrigan sneered, her voice dripped with distaste, ‘The grey wardens would say that, Merril, after all it was they who trapped Tamlin by shattering the mirror. I am sure that with my knowledge I can free him.’

Suddenly, holding up her black ironbark staff, Morrigan halted the group. Up ahead the tunnel opened up into a large chamber, an orange glow seeped out of the entrance illuminating the room within. From inside a fetid stench pervaded the dusty air; it was a stench Morrigan recognised immediately.

‘Darkspawn!’ she whispered. Extinguishing her magical light she stepped into the room.

The dimensions of the room were lost to its dark impenetrable corners. Six large round stone pillars held up the crumbling roof, where roots and vines hung down. At the far end of the room was a small dais, standing on it was a golden mirror the eluvian; a magical portal harkening back to the days of the Tevinter imperium. The frame was six foot high; its glass fragments lay scattered about its base. In front of the frame a small fire crackled with a spitted burning animal carcass.

The darkspawn were nowhere to be seen, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there.

From out of a dark corner a blade flashed as it spun end over end. The elf it was aimed at reacted quickly, deflecting the missile with an upraised shield.

From the left and right they charged, a dozen darkspawn, squat robust thick warty skinned creatures brandishing knives and hammers and axes.

Morrigan outstretched a hand, the air turned cold as a thin film of frost covered two of the charging creatures freezing them in their tracks. In an instant two of the elven archers loosed arrows at the frozen targets shattering them.

Merril raised her staff calling upon the forest spirits to aid her. The vines hanging from the roof came to life writhing like angry serpents as they reached down and scooped up two hurlocks wrapping their vines tightly around them and strangling them as they kicked and struggled suspended in the air.

The elven archers were firing arrows as quick as you could blink, felling four darkspawn with arrows through their necks and eye sockets.

As the creatures closed in, the elves drew weapons, the room was filled with the clash of swords and blood was spilled.

One elf hacked off an arm, ducked a swinging blow and gutted another foe. Another elf sent a head rolling across the floor before pummelling another attacker with his shield then slicing its throat open.

Morrigan lowered her staff at a charging darkspawn, there was a flash of light as a powerful blasts erupted from its tip, ripping into the creature and tearing its insides apart.

Merril deflected a melee attack with her staff then, jabbed the creature in the face before sending it and another charging creature flying across the room with a psychic mind blast.

As one of the elves pulled his blade from the gut of another victim, his eyes went wide and his body stiffened as a long saw toothed rusty blade erupted from his chest in a spray of blood.

The darkspawn behind him grinned and whooped as it pulled its blade free.

Merril cried out for her fallen comrade then punched the air angrily, sending a glowing fist of stone hurtling toward the creature and destroying its head with the thudding impact.

There were still half a dozen darkspawn bearing down on them, Morrigan shouted over to Merril.

Summoning all of her power, Merril cast her spell into the midst of them. The stone flagging on the floor began to rattle as the stone pillars holding up the ceiling groaned alarmingly sending down a dust cloud from above. With the ground rippling and bucking under their feet, the remaining darkspawn were thrown to the ground.

 Morrigan’s fingers twitched, she held out her hand as a spark ignited in her palm then quickly began to grow into a flaming sphere, Casting it toward the struggling darkspawn, Morrigan sneered as the ball hurtled toward them growing in size and intensity until it hit them and exploded.

The darkspawn were instantly engulfed in a fiery storm, their clothes catching on fire and their skin blackening and blistering as they screamed and were incinerated.

Then it was over, all went silent as the acrid stench of burnt corpses filled the room. Cautiously Morrigan and the elves approached the dias where the Eluvian mirror frame stood.

Morrigan cast her eye over the frame before stretching out a hand and touching its cold metal frame, even in its broken state, she could feel its arcane power still pulsing through it. Morrigan smiled to herself, for in that brief instant of touching the mirror she could sense there was another mirror hidden away and still intact, for they came in pairs, for to travel through one you needed another to exit from, this knowledge she had kept to herself.

The mirror itself, Morrigan knew was as the grey warden who broke it had said was destroyed for good, but with a shard from this one, she could use it to track where the other one was, then with the lore book Merril had, she could attune the mirror to another realm, far out of the reach of Flemeth and escape with her unborn child through it.

‘Can you fix it, can you bring Tamlin back?’ Merril asked, hoping against hope that Morrigan could return her love to her.

Morrigan smiled reassuringly, ‘Give me the book!’

Merril took the book from out of her back pack and handed it to Morrigan and stepped back.

 Morrigan closed her eyes and composed herself drawing her energy to the surface, then slamming her staff down she unleashed a burst of energy.

It was within that instant that Merril knew she had been tricked; they had all been deceived by this human apostate mage.

Merril felt the cold grip of stone creeping through her joints as she became petrified, her skin taking on a grey granite hue. The two elven archers raised their bows but they too were caught in the burst of energy as they turned into statues.

 Walking over to Merril’s stony form, Morrigan knew that the elf would survive her stone encasement; she could feel the power emanating from this one. The other two elves were not so fortunate.

 ‘I am sorry; Merril, but my needs far outweigh your own.’ Morrigan said as she stroked Merril on the cheek almost feeling pity for the elf, and then turning away, Morrigan left Merril and her broken eluvian mirror in the ruined temple. It would be days before Merril’s own magical resilience overcame her spell and by that time, Morrigan would be far away and out of her reach.

Outside in the open air, Morrigan held up the mirror shard and concentrated, the shard lifted from her hand and pointed North West, with a smile, Morrigan headed toward the Frostback Mountains.



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