Shared guilt

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When a series of undeniably unlikely situations arise to a group of unfortunates living on the fringe of acceptable living who is really to blame for the meanderings nature of the group.

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



Stolen boy- bored and erratic but above all smart. Not as smart as he'd like but smart enough. Lived at home with parents all his life he's a single child, next door neighbour to the debtor. Spends alot of his time dreaming and ultimately decides to live his fantasy when the oppertunity arises. With delusion of grandeur and a sever introspective problem.


Dumb- Over enthusiatic, want's nothing more than to be respected or feared o anything. Not quick witted and seemingly devoted to little gangland as he dearly wants to be his "reliable right hand man". Never speaks of any life outside the group as he desperatly tries to distance himself from anything unrelated to the gang.


Little Gangland- Leader of the gang by right of having the wealthiest parents. This enables him to finance his weed dealing operation. Of average hight and slightly skinny build he relies of force of personality and cunning to keep hold of the gang. Of a usually steady head he is a capable and enterprising charachter


In the beggining  don't think anyone had a plan.Heat of the moment they'll name it later or some simular turn of phrase. As the dust settled and the situation became clear to me I realised I had to make a plan. Someone needed to take the reins and I got myself into this, I could get myself out right? Nobody had to get hurt or go to prison. All I needed was a chance to sit down with the family and just make them listen.Understand the situation. Nobody had to get hurt. 



"Alright, so how about £160 for the ounce and we sell it on for £280 at pound a point"

"That's £120 profit an ounce, which is optimistic, why would they sell it to us just so we can get a lovely £120 profit"

"Cos they're doing ounces and we're running around doing grams, it's economies of scale"  Dumb staes in his infuriating matter of fact voice.  " In fact, we should try and get them to do it fo £150" He pulled himself up to his full hieght. "I mean we're looking to be thier biggest buyers"

Little Gangland studied Dumb as he considered this latest helping of half thought out bullshit Dumb had decided to bring to the table.  He was stocky and pretty tall with a wide gormless face and a shaven head to make him look tougher. Not that he needed it, much to Little Ganglands private envy Dumb was an imposing guy, all fist's and muscle. At least he was imposing untill he opened his mouth and you realised that he couldn't light up a 5 Watt bulb without lining up all his brain cells. He gave dumb an incredulous look.

"What are you on about, we don't know any of there other buyers and in anycase what fucking we are you talking on about?"

"Well you know I mean the gang, us" Dumb trailed off deflating

"yeah well it's my cash, I'm the buyer your just a dealer,man. My dealer actually, your one of my dealers." He paused of a second in reflection." In fact,your my worst dealer! Your the only dealer I have who actually owes me money. Fucking...economies of scale" Little Gangland voice rose as he became exsahabated by the simple chore of being in Dumb's company.

"I told you I'll pay you back just as soon as this deal goes through"

"Yeah well untill then your my bitch"

"well, whatever man,so how much you going to offer them?" Muttered dumb

"£180, we'll split them into lets say 16 twenty-bags and well it on for a nice £320"

"16 twenty-bags...." Dumb went quiet for a moment, pretending he had any say in the situation." ...The bags will come in under weight, even if we leave in the stem"

"so what, your concerned about fucking customer satisfaction? Maybe worry about buying your way back out of bitch-hood first"

Dumb looked at him blankly, wounded by this comment.

"Man fuck this,give my phone" he extended a hand inpatiently

"how come?" enquired Dumb looking inexplicably nervous.

"Because I want to call JT to get him to come round and figure this shit for me"

Dumb handed him the phone, a hopefull look crossed his face as he did it.

"Yeah man JT can sort all this, I'll roll a joint if you want" his eyes darted up as he said this. Little gangland looked into them, they were watery and apologetic.

"Fuck that, Me and Jt are going to sort this and yeah,you can roll a joint but you aint smoking shit until you pay me back.

Dumb opened his mouth to form sort protest but before he could Little gangland had his phone pressed to his ear and his back to Dumb.









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