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I'm writing about who I am. This is the real me so please don't judge. I wouldn't judge you for who you are so don't do it to me. I'm putting myself out there. Some of this stuff might make you laugh, I realize I can be kind of rediculous, but that's good. My goal is to make you smile and let you know about being me.

Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



I am me.

I'm a clutz.

I trip and fall but then I get right back up and laugh about it.

I am confident.

I know who I am and I'm proud to be her.

I am not a skinny barbie.

I have a stomach and big boobs.

I'm bigger than pretty much everyone I hear complaining about being fat, but I never complain.

I don't need someone to tell me I'm beautiful.

I already know.

It would be great to have a boyfriend,

But I'm enjoying being single.

I'm loud.

Get used to it because, odds are, I'll never learn to quiet down.

Sometimes I'm not the smartest person,

But I hate blonde stereotypes.

I'm not strong.

But hurt me and I'll fuck you up.

Love me?


Hate me?

Even better.

I laugh a lot.

Even when I probably should be crying.

My life is insane.

My families not perfect,

My friends are weird.

I fit in perfectly.

I believe in imperfection.

It is the new perfect.

I'm a writer.

I write what I feel and if you don't like it, don't read it.

I eat like a pig.

Ironic sicne I'ma vegetarian.

I believe money is mothing.

It just destroys you.

I sing really loud,

And dance like a maniac.

I hate choosing sides.

I just step out of the way.

I hate people who talk about me.

You don't know my story.

You wouldn't be able to even comprehend some of the things I've been through.

So shut up.

I am me.

This is me.

Just being me.

Imperfect is the New Perfect by Caitlin Crosby

Don't Want to be Like You by Blood on the Dance Floor

Blonde by Bridgit Mendler

These are three songs that really inspire me and make me feel beautiful. :)

Now I challenge you to write who you are and post it. Take off your cover and let the world see the real you. Here's what you have to do. Write it (make sure you include the three songs that make you feel beautiful), publish it and put it in your featured writing then come back and leave me a comment below with the link to the real you. I'll then come read it, like it and I'll fan you for showing everyone who you are and being proud of it. Lets start a revolution and BE OURSLEVES! <3 <3 <3

Special thanks to the following people:

Booksie people- Ophelia Autumn, Emilia Senna, trumpetchick, DarkShadow666, MsCarlene, have faith in purple, Passionista876, Miranda Lee, Keegan Olsen, smilie, Seiiki Akuma, The Novelist, Future Author, xxAngelNinjaxx, Siicknesz, narufan1st, Maddie Patrick, InsanityInduced, and that's just a few.

Non-Booksie people- Sarah, Lance, Alex, Candace, Covenant, Callie, Mom, Dad, Erica, Heather, Jaden, Lily, Leigh-Anne, Maegan, Matt, Micaela, Nate, Scott, Seth, Sophia, Anthony, Lake and again so many many more.

Even though I don't know some of you personally, you all mean a lot to me and I want to take this chance to thank you for supporting me :) I love all of you!

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