Monsters We Hide Inside

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when we hurt, they come out to play with our brain and our emotions. they torture us in ways we can't explain. they're called monsters for a reason.
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Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012



There's nothing worse than losing what you hold close to you. A friend, a family member, a pet. And it doesn't all have to be from death - admit it, that's what you all imediately thought of when you started reading. It can be them running away, moving to a different place, or telling you they're done.

What happened to the tranquility of love? The friendships we all share? The people we thought we knew? Once you loose someone, it takes a lifetime to get them back.

I'm not talking about the romantic love. I'm talking about what goes deeper.The people who leave a lasting impression on our hearts. The people who attatch themselves to you and take a peice of you when they go away.

The relationships that run deeper than skin.

Boy/girlfriends will come and go (especially in high school) but the friends we make stick with us and they each have their own personal brand they leave on our hearts. Like the owner who brands his horse with a hot rod to proove ownership.

But can we, as humans, really ever own each other?

I believe that in some way we are monsters. We possess each other, take charge of each others lives and for what? Love? Acceptance? Friendships? Concepts that are so alien to us that one day we may be like robots and not even be abole to feel them?

See? Monsters.

We have our feelings and know our places. We win, we loose, We laugh, we weep. We have our worst days and we move on. We have connections.

Connections we keep.

For the most part.

So my question is why? Why does it hurt when someone tugs on our heart strings? Why do we cry when we loose someone important to us? Why do we want? Why do we need?

Why can't we just feel nothing? Like rocks. Why can't we all be emotionless rocks?

Because then the world wouldn't go around. There would be no need for a world. It would be black. Bleak. Boring.

Then why do emotions hurt so much? Why do we cry? Are we really the monsters? Or is it just how we're wired.




Monsters with no way out of their own minds.

Monsters with no way of seeing what we do to each other.

How bad we hurt when we loose what we hold closest to us.

Like a mother with child.

My answer, no. We are not the monsters. They are us.

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