"Stars and Hearts"

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Kallie is turning twenty-one and is still alone. And you know what the worst part about it is? She's a virgin. Twenty-one and a virgin. Laughable right? She's barely ever even touched a man. Except her brothers but that obviously wasn't in a sexual way at all. But everything is about to change for Kallie as she discovers life and love and be as easy to discover as hearts and stars.

Submitted: January 12, 2013

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Submitted: January 12, 2013



Kallie Stephanson walked into her apartment after a long day of school followed by work at her crappy job at TCBY, the local frozen yogurt shop. She loved frozen yogurt, but hated refilling the machines which held it. She also envied watching all the customers come and go with their cups of fro-yo while she stood behind a counter for three hours at a time.

Kicking off her white flats that were about two sizes to mall, Kallie laid on her couch and sighed. Her life was insane. She'd be turning twenty-one this Saturday and she had pretty much nothing to do. One of her close friends Mally had offered to take her out for a special birthdaydinner but she had declined. Honestly, she didn't really feel in a part mood anyway.

The phone rang.

Kallie groaned and threw her head back. Who could be calling?

She got up and grabbed her old fashioned phone from the wall. It had a cord attached so she couldn't go any further than where she was standing.


"Hey Kall." Mally said on the other end. "Look, I still want to take you out for that birthday dinner I promised."

Kallie sighed. "Look, I love ya Mall, but I'm not really in a party mood right now. I just... I wanna stay home."

"Kallie you stay home every night.You need to get out. What if I told you there would be a cute guy there?"

Kallie fake gasped. "Oh my gosh, really? Well in that case, no."

"You're know fun."

"Yeah well." The phone beeped in her ear. "Hey I have to go. There's someone on the other line. Bye Mall." Before Mally could protest, Kallie hung up and answered the other line. "Hello?"

"Hi sweetie. Didn't think you were going to pick up."

A smile spread across Kallie's face as she recognized her mothers voice. "Hey mama. Sorry I was talking to Mally."

"It's all right baby. So are you doing anything for your birthday?"

"No mama. And I don't want to either." Kallie jumped up onto her counter top and twirled the cord around her fingers.

"Oh please. Not even a movie or something?" Her momwhined. Her mom wasn't one to take no for an answer. Of course, neither was Mally But Kallie would never, ever hang up on her mother.

So instead she did the next best thing. "Uh, oh mom... mom I think..." She made sounds into the phone like they were breaking up. "Mom I think..." More sounds. "I think we're breaking up! Bye!" She hung up and sighed.

She jumped off her counter and made her way upstairs toher bathroom. Maybe a nice long bath would help her feel better. Kallie ran the water and as the tub was filling she grabbed out a towel, washcloth and got undressed. She added some bubbles to the water and watched it foam up. Bubble baths were the best kind of bath to take. The bubbles somehow seemed to make it more relaxing while at the same time making it more fun. Plus, the bubbles Kallie used had Skin So Soft in them so they made her skin soft and smooth.

Once the tub was full, Kallie turned the water off but didn't get in. First she went and got some white wine from her cabinet and poured a glass.

And now, this bath would be incredible.

And it was. Kallie got in and the warm water and soft bubbles immediately helped to remove the stress from her tired body. She took a drink of wine which helped to stop the racing thoughts in her brain. She startedto get a buzz in the back of her head from the alcohol but she wasn't drunk yet. Too bad. That would really help.



Kallie knew she never should've given Mally a key to her apartment.

"Kallie come down here! I want you to meet someone!"

"Mally I'm busy! Go away!"

She heard the door close then footsteps come up the stairs. Oh come on....

Kallie sunk down into the water and covered herself with the bubbles.

"Kallie!" Mally burst into the bathroom and walked over to the tub. "Hi."

"Mally! Do you have no boundaries!? I'm bathing here!"

"I see that. Hey Alek! Com here!"

Kallie paled as she recognized that name. Alek Marlen was one of the hottest guys at the college. He was also freaking brilliant and an incredible artist. He was in Kallie's drawing class and her Trig class. And he sat right next to Kallie in both classes. And now...

He was in her bathroom while she was in the tub. Naked.

Oh God.

"Hey Kallie. Mally said your birthday was this Saturday."

"Did she also mention that I'm in the bath tub?"

He chuckled nd walked over to her. "That's all right."

BeforeKallie knew what Alek was doing, he took his shirt, pants and boxers off and got into the bubbley water. "Erm... Alek... You're in my bathtub."


"I'll see you two later." Mally walked out and closed the door.

Kallie wasn't real sure what to do. She had one of the hottest guys sitting in her tub with her, both of them compltely naked. She could feel her virginity slipping away. And he wasn't even doing anything yet!

Alek laughed as he caught the look on Kallie's face. She looked terrified. But kind of happy that he was there. Kind of being the key words there.

"So Kallie, did you do the drawing homework?"

"Yeah. Why are you in my bath tub?

"Seemed like the place to be."

Kallie pushed her dark brown hair out of her face and sighed. "Come one. Seriously. I think the only time you've talked to me in the classes we have together is to ask for a pencil or some paper."

"You're spunky Kallie. I like a girl with some fire."

Her cheeks turned pink. "Spunky?"

"Yeah." Alek scooted closer to Kallie and took her chin in his hand. "Spunky."

"Alek. What's really going on?" As much as Kallie wanted to believe that he actually liked her, she had a hard time with it. No one ever really like liked her. A lot of people didn't even understand her. She was artsy, creative, and a little bit out there. No one really understood that part of her. Except Mally.


She nodded.

"Honestly, I like you Kallie. I know you're a We're a year apart and we don't have many classes together but... I still like you. Don't you like me?"


He smiled.

"Yeah but I just can't wrap my head around you... and I."

"Well, does this help?"

Alek leaned closer and caught Kallie's lips with his. Kallie's head started to spin. The hottest guy on this planet was kissing her. Kissing her! Kallieof all people was being kissed by Alek Marlen. This couldn't get better could it?

About a weeklater, Kallie had her answer. It couldn't get better. It could get worse.

A couple days after she turned twenty one, she'd went over to Mally's and seen something she could never unsee. She'd opened the door using the key Mally gave her and found her best friend making out on thecouch with her boyfriend.

Yes, Alek and Mally had been kissing. And it didn't help that they had been naked like they had just been doing it.

Kallie had screamed and run out crying, unable to believe what she'd just seen. Mally was her best friend. She shouldn't have been having sex with Kallie's guy!

And Alek shouldn't have agreed.

But later Kallie learned from one of her and Mally's friends, Lucy, that it had been Aleks idea. And that he and Mally had been doing it long before he "got together" with Kallie. Mally had just told him to ask Kallie out as a pity date.

Kallie wanted to scream. She wanted to go on a rampage and find Mally and rip her head off. Then she wanted to beat Alek until he lay begging for mercy.

But instead she curled up in a ball and cried.

It felt like Alek had just ripped her fragile heart out and done a dance on it then gotten into his car and driven away without her. Left her there to cry and weep in pain. Wondering why. Why he would leave her there. Why he would want to forget her.

And why her best friend would do this to her.

They'd been so close. Almost inseperable. And now they would never, ever be friends again. And Alek?

Well he could expect to hear some pretty nasty rumors float around the school about him.

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