Who Knows What?

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Straight boys become gay. Gay boys saty gay. But what happens when a gay boy... becomes straight?

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



Joseph (Joe or Joey for short) had been gay for a little over 4 years now. and yet sometimes he felt like he didn't belong in the world of gays and lesbians. he had always been fascinated by males and how they worked, for he was one himself, and girls never really interested him.until a little over a year ago. he met this girl at a  summer camp he was counseling at and she was pretty amazing. when she ran her breasts bounces around in her tight shirt, she alway wore shorts cuz they were outside most of the time and it got pretty hot, and her hair. o that ahir. he had felt it a couple times. once by accident, once on purpose. it was soft and beautiful. he wanted it. but then he got a letter from his boyfriend at the time.

Joe Joe!

I miss you so much! i can't stand a whole summer without you here to cuddle with me. i think about you all the time. i can't wait for you to come home! i'll be waiting on your front doorstep with a bouqet of flowers and a big kiss. i miss you sooooo much! WRITE ME BACK! I LOVE YOU JOE JOE!

Love, Anthony

Joseph had written back saying he mised Anthony too and couldn't wait for that kiss but all the while he was thinking of her. after signing the letter and giving it to the mailman he went to find her. she was down by the lake watching the sun slowly sat. he sat down next to her and looked out onto the lake. "It sure is pretty out here. i'm gonna miss this when i go home."

"Yeah. me too. you coming back next summer?" she asked him.

"Maybe. i haven't decided yet."

"You should. the kids seem to really like you. i really like you." she gave him a sweet smile. but it made him wonder. like me like me? or friend like me? she scooted herself closer to him and ran her hand down his leg. like me like me. deffinitely. he gave her a sheepish smile and carefully wrapped his arm around her waist.

This was so wrong. what about Anthony? Joseph loved him more than anything in the world. and yet here he was, craddling some woman in his arms.

"No. no i hacve to go." He quickly stood and walked away. she gave him a funny look and followed.

"Go where? it's not like u can leave."

No but he could hide in his room until it was time to leave. "I know but... i have to plan a game for tomorrow." lame excuse but it worked.

"I can help you." or not. why were women so attracted to gay guys? well... she didn't actually know he was gay. he hadn't told anyone cause no one had asked. he was pretty open about it and it didn't bother him when people said nasty things. he just moved on. but now he was actually kind of scared to come out.

"No, look i have a lot of stuff to sort through and i need to be alone. i'll see you tomorrow." he sprinted to his room and closed and locked the door. then he had a meltdown. he tore his blanket off the bed, shoves the stuff of his dresser, the whole time tears were streaming down his face. he didn't know what to do. was his in love with Anthony, his loyal boyfriend of two years, or a woman he met at summer camp?

Easy. Anthony.

Not easy. female body.

Male. female. male. male male male!

It was Anthony. it had always been Anthony.

A little knock came at his door. he opened it and saw her standing there. she lunged toward him and kissed him passionately. oh no...


Joseph shot up in his bed, his breathing hard, his face beaded with sweat. what had just happened? he looked at the clock.3:05 am. oh. it had been a dream. he heard a low moan come from his right and looked over to see Anthony feeling around on the bed.

"Joe Joe..." he moaned. "Joe Joe come back..."

Joseph smiled at Anthony lazy, drowsyness. it was always Anthony.

Joseph laid back down and wrapped his arms tight around Anthonys naked body. "I'm right here Anthony. it's you my love. always and forever." he kissed his head.

Anthony gave a small snore. he was already fast asleep again. but it didn't matter. asleep or awake, Anthony was the one.

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