You're Never Too Old for Trick or Treating

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A fun Halloween poem! my inspiration to write this was that everyone keeps telling me that i'm too old to go trick or treating, but i tell you, i'm not. i know 18 year olds who still go trick or treating! i'm 16! come on people.
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Submitted: October 08, 2012

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Submitted: October 08, 2012



Ding Dong!

It's a young child.

She wants her candy,

I give her two littleTwix bars.

She giggles and moves on.

I remember my first time trick or treating.

Why can't i do it now?

"You're too old!" screams my mother.

"No offense, but you're just too old to be trick or treating." says my best friend.

Oh that's right.

The door bell rings again.

I tell my mother to get this one,

I have something to do.

I run to my room like an excited child,

I am on the inside,

There's something in my closet, i just know it.

I dig through and find what i need.

An old Halloween costume!

I quickly put it on and run to my bathroom,

Hair and make up, i'm ready to go.

Out the door and down the street.

Ding Dong!

I ring the first doorbell.

'Cause you're never too old for Trick or Treating.

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