Lora’s Swan 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lora takes what is hers. Cera gives herself freely.


Chapter 1: She craved the various ways in which her vampire fed from her. Each method was as enjoyable and pleasurable as the next. The intense pulling of vital energy, the letting of blood, the sweet release of sexual arousal, all blended and mixed together each time into a unique and intoxicating experience. Through both pleasure and pain, by seduction and excitement, her vampire raised her vibrations and her pranic energy until it boiled over, her essence primed for the taking.

Lora hovered alluringly over Cera’s naked form, looking down over her subtle curves longingly, hungrily. “Do you like what you see?” Cera asked softly, looking up into her vampire’s eyes. She shifted herself slightly as she was pressed firmly into the blankets.

“Very much so! “ Lora responded cooly as she ran her hands over her Black Swan’s smooth, pale skin. “Just the thought of little wet red jewels coming up through tears in your skin, my tongue licking them up where they are, my hands exploring you, me taking what I want while finding every inch of you... It's driving me crazy.”

“That can all be arranged! Besides, you can’t really TAKE what is already freely offered, but you can HAVE all of me…” Cera grinned wantingly, running a finger up, across Lora’s bare exposed chest.

“Oh… I know it can!” Lora’s eyes flashed with anticipation. “I always TAKE what’s already mine.”

“ I want it, Lora. You cutting me discreetly and putting your lips to my skin. I want to feel the pull of your mouth and to feel that deep PULL from within. I want to know the pleasure of filling you up!” Lora ran her hands down, gently, tracing the sensitive skin around the mound between Cera’s legs. Cera leaned her head back, focusing on the sensation of her vampire’s fingers.

With a razor tucked between her fingers, Lora made a swift small nic, just a tiny slice, on Cera’s very inner thigh “…so I can easily go back and forth, licking my favorite places.” she winked.

Cera winced, “ I felt that...”

“I meant for you to,” Lora smiled “but doesn’t it feel good?” Lora gently, slowly massaged her inner thigh, getting her blood flowing to the wound.

“Yes, it really does.” Cera closed her eyes and laid her hands on Lora’s shoulders as she moved lower. “It makes me REALLY want you.”

Lora lowered her head, licking Cera’s inner thigh, slowly. She moved over slightly, letting the tip of her tongue graze Cera’s clit. She kissed a wet trail up to Cera’s stomach. She moved up to her chest where she bit each nipple just enough, encircling each one with her tongue before licking up to her neck, then finding her lips. Lora sucked on her bottom lip as her fingers glided over Cera’s wetness bellow. She felt Cera’s body tense as her fingers moved ever so slowly. Leaving her lips, she left another warm trail with her mouth, slowly down. This time she did not stop at her breasts. She lowered her mouth straight down where her fingers lingered.

She once again placed her lips to the crimson liquid, gathering it, letting it pool in her mouth. Licking, sucking at Cera’s inner thigh. Her thumb rubbed Cera’s womanhood slowly and firmly.

Cera arched under her, moaning as Lora’s mouth explored her body. She ran her hands across Lora’s back. Her fingers clawed against Lora’s skin instinctively as she tensed and twitched, her knees falling apart for easier access. She twisted Lora’s hair in her hands against the back of her head as she moved lower.

Lora moved her thumbs from what her mouth desired. Her lips cover Cera’s sweetest spot, her tongue licking up, then down. Her hands held Cera’s legs gently apart. “Tastes so sweet’, she though as her tongue quickened. Cera pulled Lora’s head closer into herself. Lora’s hands massaged Cera’s inner most creases while her tongue dove into her. She pressed her tongue slow and deep, while gently sucking. She pulled her tongue pulled out, tasting her juices, then dove her tongue in again. Cera moaned as Lora’s tongue explored.

Her energy was building so intensely. She could feel everything Lora did so acutely. Her breath caught as her heart raced. Her touch. Her hands. Her mouth. Cera wanted to explode under her. She could almost cry. She was quivering.

Cera was trying to not cum, trying to hold it back as Lora went down on her. her legs were shaking. Her fingers twisted in her hair, pulling her closer, deeper. “I’m so wet now, your mouth is so warm, I can't take it!” Cera moaned heavily.

Lora’s tongue moved in and out, faster, just as deep, tasting her. The sounds of Cera’s moaning made her own pussy wet. She pulled back, flicking Cera’s clit with her tongue, biting gently.

“I want you to cum for me, Sarah.” Lora teased, flicking and licking. “Ohh ...Sarah ...you are so wet!” Lora licked all the way up before driving her tongue deeper, over and over again. “I want you to cum on my my tongue! I want you dripping while I lick it off of you!”

“Oh My God!” It’s all she could take. Her whole body convulsed under Lora. Her back arched as she cried out, almost laughing. “Oh Lora!” Cera twitched between her legs. She was so wet! Its was practically too much! She was gasping for breathe now, waves of intense sensation everywhere Lora touched was like overwhelming electricity across her body.

Lora placed two fingers inside her. She reached for the razor to make another small slice, keeping her fingers moving in and out. She placed her lips on the new thin red line and started to suck as her fingers moved faster. The blood was much more enhanced now, charged, internally filling. Her tongue found her clit again, flicking hard as her fingers worked feverishly.

“Oh My God, I can’t, LAURA!” Cera pulled Lora’s head up, but her fingers stayed between Cera’s legs. She pulled Lora’s lips to her own. She rolled her tongue around Lora’s desperately, tasting her own blood and womanhood.

Lora’s vampire side had taken over now, relishing in the control and power she held over Cera at this moment. Cera squirmed desperately. Lora’s fingers move faster, harder. Lora kissed her deeply before quickly putting her fingers to her mouth, sucking Cera’s juices of off them. She planted her lips back over Cera’s as she pushed her fingers deep inside her again. Cera moaned loudly, making Lora smile. “ You’re all mine.”

Cera reached blindly for the razorblade, which lay beside them somewhere in the blanket. She could still feel the small incisions on her inner thighs, pulsing and stinging slightly. Once she had the razor in her hand, she ran the blade over across her upper chest, pressing deeply enough to immediately draw blood from under her skin.

Cera pantted breathlessly under Lora, her skin lined in a beaded layer of sweat. She ran her hand across her chest, staining her fingers red. Cera found Lora’s lips, tracing around them with blood stained fingers, popping them between her lips. As Lora tasted her blood,she sucked hard on her digits, rolling them around with her tongue. Lora’s worked her hand faster as she switch from Cera’s fingers to finding the fresh wound on her chest. A deep, longing growl escaped her as Lora licked at the wound.

“Oh My God, Sarah!”

“I'm yours”, Cera whispered, completely breathless. “I’m entirely yours... take it, take me!”

Sliding down, Lora placed her blood covered mouth over her pussy once more, devouring it. Her tongue wildly circled Cera’s clit, before driving it deep ...over and over and over…

Cera came again, with Lora’s tongue still inside her. She came harder this time, her whole body convulsing. Cera cried out, pressing her thighs against Lora’s face. Lora’s hands palmed her outer thighs and her fingernails pressed against her skin. Cera grasp onto her wrists, desperately “ Laura, oh please!” She pushed her thighs wider again, her nails digging into Cera’s hips. “I want you Sarah ...I need you ...I need to be tasting you.” She bite at her clit and shoved her tongue in deeply just once more.

Cera wanted to touch Lora all over, passionately. She wanted to take her within her mouth and with her hands. She wanted to slide her fingers inside her damp, secret regions and probe her vigorously until bringing her to climax. If she could move, Cera would ravage her, and Lora knew it. Cera screamed it with her eyes and her mind. “ I desperately want to be on top!” Letting go of her thighs, Lora’s mouth made its way, trailing hot kisses up her stomach, up her red stained chest, finding her lips. She licked them gently as she lay next to her, pulling Cera over ontop of herself.

Cera rubbed her body slowly against Lora’s, moving her legs across Lora’s legs and her breasts against Lora’s breasts. Cera took her hands in her own hands and positioned them above Lora’s head. Cera prompted her head to the side and nuzzled into the crevice of Lora’s neck, suckling and blowing gently behind her left ear. Cera nibbled gingerly at Lora’s earlobe and whispered playfully, “stay” as she pushed Lora’s wrists together. Cera then moved her hands slowly lower down her arms. Cera slowly sat up, starting to straddle her. Cera grinded her hips gently against Lora’s. Cera reached her mouth down to Lora’s breasts and her tongue encircled her nipples, left, center, right, Cera’s hands rubbed down against Lora’s sides.

Cera looked up at her flirtatiously as she scooted down. “ No moving, now.” Her hands move down from Lora’s sides, to her thighs, from her outer thighs to her inner thighs... pushing them apart with each gentle rub of her hands, up and down.

“Ohhh ......mmm, I want you, Cera!”

Cera teased her hands all around Lora, moving her fingers teasingly over her most sensitive area. She was so wet already! “ Yes! I can tell” Cera smiled. Cera explored down between her legs, not entering her, but feeling that Lora desperately wanting her to.

Quivering and wriggling under her touch, Lora laid her head back. Cera brushed her nails around where Lora’s underwear line would be, sending chills up her back. Cera rubbed almost accidentally across her clit, building sensations and her anticipation.

“Oh please, Cera, I’m begging!”

Cera met her eyes, holding her gaze, right before sliding a finger into her dripping pussy. One, in, out, then two... quickly finding Lora’s sweet spot inside, curling her fingers up slightly inside her. In and out. Lora moaned and whimpered. She tried to raise her hips to meet Cera’s fingers. Cera moved slowly at first, watched her try to keep her hands together behind her head as she laid back. Lora closed her eyes and bit her lip intensely. Cera moved her fingers slightly faster, rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Cera’s other hand reached around to Lora’s ass as she moved her hips up. Her right hand working on Lora’s wet pussy, while her left hand massaged Lora’s ass cheek and guided her movements.

“You feel so good it almost hurts! You’re driving me insane!”

In and out. “I want to make you beg for release! I want to make you want it so bad! I want to make you cum!” In and out.

Lora was so soft. Her warmth radiated off her entire body. Cera’s fingers probed deeper inside. Lora’s smell was intoxicating. Faster! In and out. Cera found a lovely, intense pace that makes Lora tense up as she move her hips against the rhythm Cera chose.

“I want to cum for you Sarah ....mmmmm ....I want you to make me cum!” Lora arched her back and moaned loudly! “ Oh! my pussy loves that, Cera! See how wet it is for you!”

Lora’s hands were bawling into clawed fists above her head, now. Cera was on her knees between Lora’s legs. Lora’s hungry eyes could still see the wet red still lightly dripping between Cera’s breasts. Cera smiled as she disappeared between Lora’s legs. Two fingers still moved deeply inside her, out then in, then back. Now her thumb and her tongue are taking turns working on Lora’s swollen clit.

“I’m so damn close! You’re killing me!”

Cera’s whole body was moving with hers. Her mouth was hungrily sucking at Lora’s pulsing clit, licking down to her wet opening, then flicking back, stroking her sweet wet spot quickly and rhythmically with two fingers still inside her. Cera massaged and rubbed around Lora’s ass and thighs.

“You taste so good!” Cera let out a moan as she consumed Lora with her mouth.

“Make me cum! I want to cum so fucking hard on your tongue! Oh God, Sarah! Liick my pussy hard while you fuck me!

Lora pulled her hands down, grabbed Cera’s head and pushed herself into Cera’s face, . Cera’s tongue moved faster, darting around her clit, sucking and licking. Cera’s free hand reached up from Lora’s ass, up her side and found her breast. Cera cupped and squeezed Lora’s breast, her fingers circled her nipple, making it sensitive and hard.

Cera’s other hand moved against her pussy, working her fingers feverishly in and out. Cera could feel her tension building almost unbearablely.

Lora spread her legs even wider, letting her knees fall aside. Lora clenched her fists in Cera’s hair and arched her back high. With Lora’s hands against the back of her head, Cera pushed her tongue up and down against Lora’s wet flesh hungrily, tracing small circles with her tongue around Lora’s clit. Cera could feel how close she was now. Lora’s whole body quivered, desperate for release. Her nipples stood at attention, and her pussy dripped and pulsed on the brink.

“ I want to feel you cum with my fingers inside you!” Cera thought. “ I want to feel your pulsing release surge into me with my mouth! I want to taste it!”

Cera felt her on the very edge. She sped up everything again, her fingers, her tongue. Lora was so very close now.

“Tell me to cum for you, oh Cera! Tell me, and I will! Cera I’m so close! Please let me!”

Cera raised her head, her fingers still working intensely. “Cum for me Lora! Cum for me! I want to feel you do it!”

Pulling Cera’s head into herself, Lora orgasismed with ferocious intensity. “I’m cumming for you! I’m cuming!” Lora’s body spasmed repeatedly, and released.

They lay down side by side, breathless

Submitted: January 22, 2019

© Copyright 2022 cera vi. All rights reserved.

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