From the future I was told

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Imagine your future self could warn you of your present living.

Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



Dear Me iam speaking to you from the future

i want you to heed what i say as iam your tutor

you will meet a man who seems different to all the rest

with his unusual manner he will put you to the test

he will draw you in portraying an easy going personality

dont be fooled by this false pretence and give in easily

you will find given time hes controlling you

and subtly disapproving everything you do

if there was a warning of what's to come

 these following words fit his ways if you should succumb

Your life is not your own no more you should put my feelings first

 Ill take away your confidence

Self worth will day each day

Acknowledgment will be received its done my way

Your tastes will change to fit my likes and when your spirits gone..

I will continuously put you down and convince you that your wrong

Cut you o? from your friends

Socially confined

Overtime il take it all, but never be satisfied.

he is the wolf in sheeps clothing

a person you will end up loathing

three long years you will devote to the cause doomed to fail

a spirit smashing Sanctimonious selfish dictating male

so i warn you to watch out for him entering your life

and making you miserable with endless amounts of strife

i can guarantee you will succeed in all of your endeavours

but don't be one of life's failures being one of the regret'ters.


© Copyright 2018 Ceri Louise Baylis. All rights reserved.

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