I know at the moment times are hard

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Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



I know at the moment you cant see a good outcome arise

But with given time you will be alright, you just need to realise

 Realise how special you are the caring, sharing soul you can be

 Let beauty on the outside shine that others don’t see

I know you feel disgruntled you have wasted 5 long years

At least that time taught you well to learn, nothing is as it appears

Now is the time to take control make positive changes happen

 Good things do come to dreamers and to those who do imagine

You must realise you were too good for him ruling and ruining your life Bringing only sorrow  and trouble with endless amounts of strife

Enjoy the feeling of being free, from confidents of a wasted time

You are reaching that time in life, your now in your prime

Must look to the future gladly and leave the past behind Mistakes are meant to be learnt from

especially unkind times As your friend I can promise I’ll be there to keep you strong

I’ll keep you in the right direction to point out if somethings wrong

 Please don’t dwell on failures you’ve recently endeavoured

It’s  vast improvement to your life with all ties are now severed

Use failure as the building block to create a new life to start once more

 To find love that’s worth your devotion someone you truly can adore.



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