Seek what's missing in me.

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Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



I was never good at taking medication

Hearing voices with paranoia my only vocation

Until I was introduced to an life changing injection

I was relived from my minds schizophrenic section

With positive thinking brought positive results

 I bounced back from my minds insults

Im free from the torture my mind endured

 How bad I truly was seems absurd


Free to enjoy the future once more

Can use my mind for what its intended for

Can now deal with life ordinarily now totally carefree.

I now seeking the piece that is missing in me

Now I look to the future positively


I have the ability Time for change

Looking after myself is something that is strange

No more negative thinking my mind must heal

 Stop the paranoia taking over how I feel


To begin again I've chosen today

Look forward embrace change in every way

Stay away from bad thinking and ideas that are strange

My perspective on life has now been rearranged

Positive will diminish the bad twice

Look at the past mistakes so contrite

Visualise good changes and succeeding alone

 Be confident in leaving the confinement of home

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