The Ballet

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The ballet in words of rhyme

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




The curtain rises building the tension

The lady next door smells too much to mention

Spinning and jumping higher and higher

Bright lights shining brighter and brighter

The strings play faster, louder and louder,

The prince comes on looking ever much prouder

He got the girl, he got her this time

There was no curfew, no bell chiming sign

She didn’t run off, Soar into the sky,

She was under a spell but did not die

He woke her up, with a soft tender kiss

That was the start of their eternal bliss

A party in a palace with guests from all roots,

A bluebird, some fairies and the puss-in-boots

One last dance then the final calls

Then after the bows a curtain falls

The curtain ends the night but not the magic

The magic goes on for ever and ever,

 warm yet  tragic

© Copyright 2018 Cerys Rhiannon Price. All rights reserved.

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