There once was a time

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A change of A landscape: Good or Bad??

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




There was once a time, long, long ago

When the sun shone and the winds did blow

They blew over streams, fields and hills

Blew through the trees and all of the vales.


Now stands a city strong and tall

The sun doesn’t shine, not at all

The buildings are high, the smog grows thick

Each day thicker as time goes tick.


I’m certain, One day it will all disappear

Just as the tide always grows near

The sun will return and light up the land

The field, the sea, the mountain, the sand


On that day, that day alone,

We shall return back to our home,

Away from the muck, the noise of the city

We’ll go back to basics when life seems so pretty

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