Wandered Too Far?

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The paths we choose may not always be the right ones......

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



Wandered Too Far?


Each step I take echoes through my mind

Is this the path I should be on?

Is this really the way?

Every corner I turn makes me look behind

Am I really leaving everything?

Am I leaving those I loved?

Each ray of light burns through me

What am I really running toward?

What have I left back there?

Every junction mocks and confuses me

Which is the way I want to go?

Which road leads me away?

Each one way street seems endless

Have I gone too far?

Have I chosen the right direction?

Every new highway leaves me evermore friendless

Can I turn back?

Can I find my way?

Each sun rise I recall all the stories

Is it really possible?

Is it way too late?

Every sunset remember the glories

Will they laugh if I return?

Will they reject me?

Each night brings terror

Why am I running?

Why was I so scared?

Every day goes on forever

Will it ever end?

Will I ever get back?

Each dawn brings new hope

Should I have left?

Should I keep going?

Every step towards home makes my heart sink not float

Can I really go back now?

Can I really return?

Each time I come to a junction I give a little prayer

Will you take me back?

Will you help me find the way?

Every barrier I break tells me I’m slowly getting there

Is this the right choice?

Is it really ok to go back?

Each step closer the more I fear

Will you forgive me?

Will you take me in your arms again?

Every breathe shortens the closer I get near

Should I do this?

Should I even bother?

Each second lasts for hours

Why am I so nervous?

Why do I doubt your love?

Every prayers answer flowers

Your love fills my heart

Your power fills my soul

Each day I’ll recall my torment

But You took me back

But You loved me once more

Every time I’ll remember that moment

You hold me close

You give me hope

You are my everything

© Copyright 2018 Cerys Rhiannon Price. All rights reserved.

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