Mark's Travels

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This is an story about a man named Mark, living in a country named Venezuela. He loves to travel... But his life is not completely happy. In his travels, he discovers lots of new things, meets new people and has unique experiences. But he still feels he lacks something... What is it he lacks? Will he ever find it?

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012




Mark, a tan man with dark brown eyes, black hair, and overall strong structure, was walking down a street of a city named Maracaibo, in a country named Venezuela. He was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt, covered by a black leather jacket, a pair of gray combats as pants and a pair of hiking shoes, which had black and brown as their main colors. He was also wearing an utility belt, and was carrying a backpack, he explored the world, he liked to travel, he loved to see new things and visit new places. He carried quite a few things in his utility belt, like, a handgun, given to him long ago, and a few survival items. He was just returning home from a one week long trip to a nearby town.


He was extremely alert, checking everything around him twice, it was really dangerous to walk through this city's streets at night, and this was his home, so he was used to being alert all the time when outside as well. One of his hands were held in the air near his handgun at all times, he was walking briskly, and his backpack was secured to him well enough. He heard a noise, and instantly started walking a bit faster, he was so close to his home now, so close to seeing his pet, Itty. Itty was a dog, a very loyal, playful one, and Mark loved him dearly, Itty meant the world to him, he was like a son to Mark.


After a few minutes, he reached the door to his house, he searched his pockets for the keys and found them after a few seconds, then introduced the key in the keyhole and turned the lock, opening the door successfully and stepping into his house, closing and locking the door several times behind him. He reached his hand out for the light switch, which he found, and promptly turned on the lights, instantly letting out a quiet gasp of surprise as a shadow besides him tries to land a hit on his head with a baseball bat.


Now, having been out so much, his reflexes had been a bit honed, which let him react just in time to put his forearm between his head and the incoming baseball bat. Half a second later, a crack was heard, along with a man gasping loudly in pain. The hit was enough to break Mark's left arm, which rendered him useless for a second, the pain being too much for him to handle for that short time. He expected to be killed or knocked unconscious by now, but the final hit didn't come, instead, he heard a man mutter "Oh shit!", Mark looked up to catch a glimpse of the man's face, and was half-relieved to find out it was his old friend David.


"Shit, sorry man! I didn't mean to hit you! Sorry, shit!" David said rapidly, he then took a look at Mark's arm, helping him to pull the jacket's sleeve upwards, and almost yelped, the place the bat hit on Mark's arm was starting to turn purple, and it was starting to get really swollen.


"Oh fuck, oh no, oh fuck! Sorry! Uh… Um… C-Come on, let me patch you up!" David said, grabbing Mark's good arm and taking him to the house's kitchen, where he sat him down and took a very complete first aid kit out from one of the kitchen's cupboards. "Ugh… Y-You owe me, David." Mark said, his voice was deep, and it usually had a calming effect on people and animals. "Heh… I w-was protecting the house, like you a-asked!" He blurted out, no one liked making Mark angry. David then helping Mark take off his jacket and began nursing his arm, smearing a substance near the affected area and wrapping the whole arm in bandages. He also made a sling, for Mark to rest his arm on. "Uh… Sorry." David said once more.


"It's okay, David, I'm pretty sure this will heal up fa-" Mark winced as he accidentally touched his arm to the corner of the table. "Fast" He finished his sentence. "Oh, okay. You know, I thought you were gonna kill me for a second there." David suddenly said, completely serious "I wouldn't do that to you and you know it, David. I would never kill my best friend. That I know a few combat techniques and I got a brief shooting practice a couple months ago doesn't mean I'll kill anyone that manages to get me angry" Mark answered slowly, then remembered about his pet, Itty always greets Mark when he comes back from his trips.


"Hey… How's Itty doing?" Mark asked, a bit concerned. "Oh, yeah, the guy was really tired today, so he's sleeping." David answered calmly. "You know, that dog sure is an awesome pet, I always love taking care of him when you're away… But don't make it a habit to get me to stay in your house every month!" He quickly added, chuckling a bit at the end, Mark joined him on the laughter.


"I sure won't, But I'm glad he's doing fine… I don't know what I'd do if something happened to him. Ever since I began living alone, he's the closest thing to a family member I know, after you, of course." Mark said, a bit sadly. "Hey, it's okay, Itty's doing fine, and that little guy won't be leaving for a while." David laughed quietly, smiling at Mark and patting him on the shoulder, before walking away to a guest room in the house. "I'll get some sleep now, dude, I'll be leaving tomorrow." David said before entering the guest room and closing the door behind him, leaving Mark to himself.


Sighing, he pulled himself to his feet, drank a bit of water from the sink and went upstairs to his bedroom, having left his backpack at the kitchen. He entered his bedroom and took off his utility belt, hanging it on a hook in the room's wall. He undressed himself and plopped down on his bed, he could always take a shower tomorrow. That's exactly when he suddenly heard small steps nearing him, and he felt a new weight being put on his bed and the warmth of his animal friend near him. "Oh, Itty, hello there…" The dog just answered by curling into a ball right next to Mark's body. Mark chuckled quietly, then slowly drifted off to sleep.

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