The Happy Traveler and his Female Companions Book III

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This is the second last Book in the continuing Saga of the Happy traveller and his Sexy Companion

Submitted: November 11, 2013

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Submitted: November 11, 2013



~~The Happy Traveler and his Female Companions
(This Story Has Adults-only Content)
Book III


It wasn’t long and we got to Sonora. It looked to me like a real Western Town.
At 4.30 pm we arrived at the Motel 6 in San Antonio. I don’t know if they had new Staff, but everybody was very friendly. Without thinking Sue asked for a Room with a Double-Bed, which we got. After we got settled in, Sue said, “She was going to sleep and not to wake her.”
 So before she went to Bed she embraced me and gave me a big passionate Kiss. I didn’t wake her, at 7pm I just snug in next to her and cuddled-up. Just after Midnight Sue woke me up and wanted to talk. I hate being woken up in the middle of the Night. We kissed and I said; “OK what do you want to talk about.” So she smiled and said; “I want to know what went on last Night.”  This could be interesting I thought.
 Well, I said, it’s like this: “you went to sleep on me.” She laughed and said; “she wanted to know all about last.”  So, I gave in and told her all. I think that if I looked hard I could have seen her Face going Red. But she said in a shy voice, “we better continue now from where we left off last Night.” Sue laid down opening her Legs wide and I did the right thing by putting my open Mouth over her wet Pussy.
I started off by licking all around the entrance of her Vagina. Sue started to writhe around like a Worm and her Body stiffened up. I started to let my Tongue dash in and out feeling her Juices on my Tongue. Next I grabbed her Clitoris between my Lips and started to pull on it. Sue was moaning and pulling my Face deeper into her dripping Pussy. When I smacked her Clitoris with my Tongue to and fro she let out a small scream and came with a giant Orgasm. I have never before seen her like this, she was shuttering, shaking like an Earthquake.
The next moment her entire Body Stiffened like a Board. She again sobbed and cried holding me tight. I was going to put my Tongue back on her Pussy, she grabbed me and said; “Oh, No, it hurts!”  We both rolled onto our backs and just laid there. She whispered; “I’ll get you for that.“  So we both passed out till the morning when Sue awoke me.
We found San Antonio is quite big. In a nice way. To-day we are going to be Tourist, do some shopping and go to see “The Alamo”. Ah, first we found a Shop to get a Stetson each. We paid $100-00 for both. Now I won’t get sunburned anymore. I easily burn with my fair Skin. Sue looked good in her Hat. She also wore a type of western Skirt and a light blue Blouse. No Stockings she pointed out. So I enquired, “Was she wearing her Undies” She laughed again and said, “That was for her to know and for me to find out,” making me all Horny again. I wore my favoured Jeans and also a light Blue Shirt. We walked hand in Hand along the San Antonio River. Didn’t look much, but I was told at the Motel that it flows right out to the Ocean.
 We had Lunch near “The Alamo” and spend the Afternoon wandering through this Historic Place. Sue bought a couple more Items and we went back to the Motel to have a couple of Drinks before Dinner. Sue stuck to drinking Coca Cola, but I had my Bourbon. After Dinner we had to make decisions about the next Day. So we sat down at the small Table in our Room and made Plans for the near Future. I usually go and check my Money, but I didn’t have to worry about that. I have been paying for everything so far. I got the feeling that I have more Money than Sue. Upon asking her, Sue said that she was good too and if she needed more Money she would ask her Sister.
Well, we decided that we leave for Houston in the Morning. As always we showered together. Sue kept rubbing her stiff Nipples against me, so I took the hint and let my Fingers slip into her Pussy. She grabbed my already stiff Penis and rubbed it between the palms of her Hand. Sue then took my Hand and led me all wet onto the Bed. She laid on her Back pulling me onto her asking me, “to make Love to her.”
I grabbed her Head between my Hands and kissed her longingly.  Next I stood up at the End of the Bed, grabbing her Legs and pulling her towards me. I knelt down and my Face was only inches away from her Pussy. Sue opened her Legs as far as she could and I let my Tongue slide into her wet Pussy. I found tasting the Juices from her Vagina made me feel even more Horny. I had trouble not to climax. I asked Sue, “did she like that,” which gave me time to get my emotions under control. She nodded and murmured “Yeah!”  I mounted her and trusted my Penis deep inside increasing my Pace.
 Sue was moaning and grinding her Hips into me, “anticipating every thrust.” She motioned for me to let her turn over onto her Knees, which I did as I liked it that way to. As soon as I trusted my hard quivering Shaft into her wet inviting Pussy, she indicated, “No!”
Sue then said, I meant, “the other way. “ I looked up and replied, “But Sue it might hurt!” Sue but whispered to me, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I said nothing, but grabbed her by her Tits and slowly, not wanting to hurt her, pushed the tip of my Penis into her Anus. Sue stiffened for a moment and reached with her Arms to pull me further into her. I couldn’t control myself any longer and rammed my Penis hard into her Anus. Consequentially Sue let out a “Yelp!” making me stop, but then I moved my Penis in and out of her Anus. Sue reached down with her Hand and started to rub her already hard Clitoris.
I told her, “that I couldn’t hold on much longer.” She said, “Hold back!” I want you to come in my Pussy. I nodded my Head, Pulled out off her and ran to the Bathroom running the Water ill my Penis went down. When I came back into the Room, Sue was still playing with the Lips of her glistering Pussy. I got between her Legs and moved in close, I hammered her Pussy with the swollen knob of my Penis, making her moan and she was crying out, “yes! Yes! Let me have it, put it in I can’t wait any longer.” I felt her body shake under me when again I pushed my Shaft deep into her throbbing Pussy. I went faster pulling my Penis out of her Vagina and the slamming it in again. Sue sang out, “Yes! My God.”  “Now!”Then she convoluted and cried out, “Oh, Godddddddddddddddddddd,” and passed out. This had never happened to me before and I worried,” should I call somebody?”
But as I looked for my Pants, I heard Sue moaning and she came around. The first thing she said was, “that was sooooo Goood!” and what happened to me.”  Without my answering, we both fell asleep.

Chapter 6
Next morning we both woke up aching.
I paid for our Tab, thanking the People, who in turn commented that it was nice off us to stay with them. We stopped at the next Gas-Station and I asked the Attendant, could he check our Oil please. He checked and said, it was all, OK. He also asks when were we due for an Oil Change as the Oil felt a bit thin. We thanked him, and mentioned that we were having it done in New Orleans.
 While we were travelling along the Road I noticed that we a change in Scenery. We had some fenced-in Land, the Bushes on the side of the Road got much bigger and we got to see the occasional House. Sue was wearing the same Skirt again but with a different Blouse. One she had bought yesterday. I said to her casually, “you wearing any Panty’s?” she said to me, “Remember what I said; this is for me” I cut her short saying all right, all right  and put my Hand on her Knee.
Sue was quite, sort off, like thinking. So I ask her, “What’s Up?” She replied by saying, “Ah, just thinking about my Family back Home” So we drove along quietly, Sue starting to Hum. I got problems with Women suddenly going quite. But Sue said, “It won’t be long and we’ll be in Houston, I’ll pull over and we can check the Map. She pulled over to the Side of the Road and put the Car into Park. We are going to stay the Night at the “Ranger Motel “on the “Old Spanish Trail. “
Sue said, “It’ll be easy to find, turn right at (45) then turn right at (288) and right into the Old Spanish Trail not far up. OK, I said and we drove off towards Houston. It didn’t take us long and we arrived at the Motel. Upon arriving in the Booking Office we were greeted by an elderly Mexican Lady. When she saw us she said, “Pardon, Una Momento.”  And dashed into what seem to be Private Quarters. She returned in a split with a young Woman.
The young Women informed us that her Name is, Maria and she will look after us. After establishing how long we were staying, she showed us to our Room. You guessed right; “Double Bed again.” We settled in and decided to go for a little drive around Houston and do a bit of looking around. We noticed the River, Harbour, lots of Parks and more. Houston is also the home of the Texas Medical Centre one of the largest in the Country. I had no intention of being a customer there.
One other thing that surprised me was that Houston is called, “The world most air conditioned city” But let’s be honest a guy my age is not much interested in tourism. Although I love Museums. Of course I noticed the abundance of Mexicans and Negros, not forgetting that Texas used to belong to Mexico. “Remember the Alamo” When driving past the Memorial Park I noticed that the Obelisk looked a lot like “Cleopatra’s Needle” which is in Central Park in New York. When we got back to the Motel I got the Drinks out for us to relax.
Sue, to my surprise said that she’ll have a small one. That is Drink. After a few Drinks we changed our Clothes and went for Dinner after which we decided to have one more Drink and then off to Bed. I always look forward to that part of the Day. After Kisses, Cuddles and Sex we fell asleep in each other’s Arms. We woke-up around 8 o’clock, showered and got ready for our drive to New Orleans. 
After saying our “Good-By’s” and departing we stopped to buy some finger food and of course Coca Cola. On the Road I remembered the Story I heard in San Antonio, apparently this Traveller at the Gas Station went up to the Old-Timer sitting there, in the Shade and said; Dam’s  Hot today aint it? The Old-Timer looks at him and say’s, “Yeah, it’s pretty warm for the month of June. He went on to say, I knew a Feller that told me on a real hot day, “you could drop an Egg and before it hit ground it would be ‘Hard Boiled.” The Traveller just looked at the Old-Timer and walked off. After a while, or so the story goes, the Traveller comes back to the Old-Timer and say’s, “You owe me an Egg.” I tried dropping an Egg and it splattered all over the Road. The Old-Timer looks at him smiling and says;” I said: When IT Is Real Hot!!!”
 I liked that Story. Anyway It was a very pleasant trip to Baton Rouge the Capitol of Louisiana. To be honest I didn’t think much of the Place. I could smell Fumes like Petrol or Oil. Apparently there is a great Oil-Refinery in Baton Rouge. But nothing much of interest for me. Sue agreed that we would keep going to New Orleans.
When we got to New Orleans I was surprised to see that it was exactly like I expected it. As we drove through Canal Street with all the shops, it was like the stuff I had seen in Movies. We went and found ourselves a nice and cheap little Motel. We booked in for 3 Days with an option to stay longer. I was going to have a rest, but found I was too excited and so we went straight for the “French Quarter” The most exciting and interesting piece of real-estate I had ever seen.
From the Elvis Presley Movie “King Creole” I always remember; Crawfish and Gumbo and that is what I had to try first. In a way we were lucky there was no Festival on so I believe it made things a lot easier for us. No rushing around and I think we got to see a couple of things that the normal Tourist wouldn’t. But like I said first things first, and so we headed for Bourbon Street. We found a very Creole looking Restaurant and we both ordered Gumbo which was delicious.
Next we did a bit of sightseeing and mixed a bit with the Locals. Lots of People were in colorful Costumes. Anyway we did lots of window shopping and Sue bought a couple of things, and then went back to the Motel where we did some relaxing.
That Night we did nothing exciting, we just took in a Movie. It was called “Panic in the Streets” with Richard Widmark; it was entirely filmed in New Orleans and had lots of its Citizens in it.  Our first Night in New Orleans we went back to the “French Quarter” and did lots of drinking and dancing. Sue is a terrific Dancer and put me to Shame. After spending most of the Night in Bars and Night-Clubs we dragged ourselves back to the Motel and to sleep.
We were too worn-out to do anything else. Next morning I awoke early and woke Sue up by playing with her Pubic Hair, what little there was. Sue woke up and excitingly I told her “that it was my Birthday and I could buy our Drinks now.”  Sue got all excited and said, “We must have a Party!” We laughed and held each other in our Arms. We Kissed passionately being Happy.  Sue said she was going to Phone her Sister Jill. Meanwhile I got ready for Breakfast and thought about having a Party. When Sue came back she had a mischievous smile on her Face.
I asked her;”What’s up?” She said; “My Sister is coming here to be with us.” That hit me like a “Ton of Bricks” I ask; “When!?” She replied To-Day! She is coming on the next Plane and she’ll meet us here. I just said; “let’s go for Breakfast” Breakfast was good and as we came out, walking past the Office, the Lady sang out; “Phone for you Miss.”
Emphasizing on the “Miss” but smiling. I waited for Sue who came back within Minutes. She smiled and said; “Change of Planes, Jill is not coming until to-morrow morning 10 o’clock.” We went Downtown New Orleans to Canal Street and traveled on a Tram for 7 Cents each. Next to the “Sun Coffee Shop” after which we went back to the French Quarter by Bus.
I still get surprised when I see Segregation everywhere you go. In the Busses the first 10 Rows are for “Whites only”. In Bourbon Street we sat down at a Table outside the, “Café du Monde. We relaxed and had our Coffee with Donuts. After this it was back to the Motel. In our Room Sue went to the Bathroom and got Naked, I stripped down too and laid Naked on the Bed. I sang out to Sue asking her to pour us a couple of Drinks.
Naked she came out of the Bathroom swinging her Hips provocative; bend over by the Table with her Legs widely spread, while pouring us a Drink. She knew that the sight of her open Vagina would drive me Wild. Sue came over, put the Drinks down and stood in front of me grinning like a “Cheshire Cat” I stood up and put my Hands on her beautiful Breast and kissed her fiercely. Sue reached down with her Hands and grabbed my Penis in a firm hold. I lowered my Head and started sucking and licking her black nipples. Her moaning sounds were getting louder and I took an advantage of this situation. I moved my hand on her pussy. It was Pink with large pussy lips. We both lay down on the Bed next to each other.
My finger opened her pussy lips and entered inside her pink hole. It was so wet and tight. Her juices were oozing out in large amount. I moved my whole finger deep inside it. Her pussy was burning. I was sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy at the same time. Her moaning sounds again got louder and she pressed my head on her boobs. Thick load of juices started flowing from her pussy. I knew she had ejaculated second time.
 I did not want to waste my time now. My Penis was already dying to enter inside. Sue spread her legs, and I kept my Penis on her pussy and entered inside with a hard push. She screamed loudly. I gave another hard push and took her lips inside my mouth to prevent her from screaming. With five six more pushes my Penis entered completely inside. I was fucking her now. She too began to enjoy and cooperated with me by pushing her hips up with my pushes. It seemed like she was fucking me. I massaged and pressed her boobs. My fucking was getting intense now and I gave strong hard pushes which made her to moan very loudly. I was going to ejaculate. I increased my speed further and was fucking her with all my energy. Suddenly I developed a strong orgasm, took her nipples inside my lips and with few more hard pushes I ejaculated inside her. She too ejaculated third time. We were tired and slept naked.
When we awoke we got dressed in our best Clothes, Sue, wore a silky, shimmering Black Dress , had black Stockings on and wore High Heel Shoes. She looked like a Movie Star. I wore my Steel Blue Suit, black Shoes and a white Shirt with black Tie. We by Taxi to the French Quarter and found a Restaurant. I can’t remember the Name, but the Food and Music were terrific. After Dinner we walked down the Street and went into the “500” Jazz Club where we did some dancing and more drinking.
We were both getting a bit “Tipsy” so we decided to walk it off in the cooler Night Air. On every Street Corner we kissed and Sue kept saying; “Happy Birthday.” We went to check out some more Night Clubs; Absinthe and Dixie’s Bar. We saw a lot of, “Ladies of the Night” even so the Police was having a Crackdown on Prostitution. We also saw some “Drag Queens” and then sat down outside a Night Club and listen to the Sound of “Professor Longhair” singing To Jazz Music.
When we got back to the room, Sue headed straight for the bathroom. I went into the bathroom just as Sue was slipping off her dress, so, being the consummate gentleman I occasionally am, I helped her undress by unfastening her bra at the front and exposing her breasts to my gaze. She was perfection in the soft candlelight. She slipped her stockings off and stood there in front of me, totally at my mercy. I gently handed her into the Shower, then grabbed the Bourbon with Coke and poured two glasses----
We did a lot more washing and kissing until I knelt in front of Sue and kissed her from her belly right down to her thighs. When I got to her thighs, her legs opened, letting me see her well trimmed bush and the swell of her labia. I kissed them, too, and let my tongue roam freely through the valley between them and the little hard swelling at their upper opening. She started pulling my head into her groin, groaning slightly as she did.

“Take me, I need you “
I quickly sat down on the tiled bench in the shower, turned her away from me and set her astride my lap. My erection thrust up between her cheeks and touched her warm, wet vagina. I slipped my hands around her, first gently stroking her thighs, then letting my fingers move up to brush her little bud and labia as she wriggled around on my lap.

After a few minutes of ever more frantic wriggling, she pushed her rear end up before, taking my penis in her hand, she lined it up with her vagina and, with a sigh, slid down on me until I was totally inside her. The warm pressure was almost more than I could take.

Then she laughed so hard I could feel her vaginal muscles spasoming around me, “
That was it, I started laughing as well.
She started moving up and down on me as I sat, then I started pushing back. My erection slithered into and out of her as she moved, gasping for air, and pushing down even harder, shoving my penis deeply into her.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" she cried; she pushed down against me as I pushed into her as deeply as I could from that angle. I couldn't stop, and let out a roar as I felt my orgasm kick in, and the sperm raced up my penis and flooded into her as we both came together. We stopped and rested as she lay back against me in the warmth of the shower, and my shrinking manhood slipped out of her. I slowly roused myself and lifted her to her feet, shut off the water, and picked up a towel to dry us off.

"We'd better not get the bed wet, or at least not totally, anyway. Come to think of it, we could always sleep in the other one, though, if we had to," I chuckled quietly.

Within a few minutes both of us were dry, and Sue stretched out on the bed looking out over Water. I must admit I wasn't really looking at the view out the window. Why would I? I can look at the Water anytime; right then I had a vision of heaven at my side. Sue lay there on her side with her back toward me as I looked down from where I was sitting on the side of the bed, gently caressing her full, beautiful breasts. Her dark pink areolas were around the size of a dollar. Her brown black nipples were full and hard beneath my fingers.
So showing her need, and, as I bent over to put my lips around one, her arms went around my neck, pulling me down to her.

Let’s take it a little slow and gentle for a while, please."

I rolled her over on to her back, slipped my hand up between her legs, and her thighs opened, allowing me access. I slid two fingers inside her, crooking them up just inside her opening, searching for that little rougher area in the smooth skin. I found it and began gently rubbing it.

"Yes, yes, that is it, right there, gently, keep doing that!

I bent lower, and, as my tongue touched her clitoris hood, she arched her back and pushed up to my face.

"Yes, Yes! Come into me, take me! I need you so much!"

She pulled me over so I was between her widespread legs and my swelling manhood was pointing at her loving center. I kissed my way up her body back to her breasts, taking care to treat each nipple the same, with little nips. I felt her hand slide down between us, and she took hold of my penis, sliding it up and down between her labia, greasing it with her cum. Then she pulled me into her, but I only slid into her for a couple of inches.

"Deeper!; I love the way you fill me!"

She was so moist that I needed nothing more to help me as I easily slid all the way in. Then I started moving in and out, and when I moved in I felt her thrusting up at me as If to take me as deeply as possible until I touched the mouth of her womb. Gradually, we increased our speed. Sue began gasping as she thrust up at me.

"I'm almost there, take me, take me!"

Then her arms tightened around me as I came deep inside her and she shuddered quietly. She slowly opened her eyes and whispered, “You took me to a place I have never been before. I will never forget this Night.”
We lay for a while, our breathing and heartbeats gradually slowing, I caressed her, almost without thinking, feeling her nipples becoming hard against my fingers.

She looked at me and said, with a low, sultry voice that was so silky it was almost a caress, "If you think you can do that again right away, then I'm willing, " She laughed quietly, Your choice.”  I said; “Thank you for the most beautiful Birthday but it is after Midnight and I am going to sleep!”
During the Night as I rolled-over and fell onto Sue, who invited me with a smile. I kissed her with both of our Tongues meeting.
 Right away I felt my Penis hardening and it was searching for Sue’s Pussy.  As soon as I found it my Shaft slipped in-between her dark colored Pussy-Lips, I pushed in as deep as I could and Sue moaned softly, whispering, “Please! Please!” I love you. The same instant as she said it, she released what she had said. She pushed me off her with incredible Strength and ran into the Bathroom, slamming the Door behind her. I got up and I could her Sue softly crying. I didn’t know what to do or say.
After a while, I don’t know how long I tried talking to Sue. When I said to her, that I “Love her too” she sobbed and said to me; “Is that true?” you are not just saying it to make me feel better. I said; “No, it’s the Truth” so let’s talk about it like two Adults. Sue very slowly opened the Bathroom-Door; still sniffing she put her Arms around me and gave her a tender Kiss. This was going to be hard as I really loved her.
So I said to Sue; “Just because we are in Love does not mean that we have to run off and get married. No matter how we feel about each other we have to keep a clear Head, we both have our whole Life’s ahead of us.” “Please tell me what you want or think.”  Sue said; “I have been thinking about it and don’t know what to do. “I don’t know if I want to get married” and she went on to say, “I think I like to talk about it with Jill about everything.” I said that it was a good Idea that she is coming to see us. After which I poured us a Drink of Bourbon.
We both settled down and began to talk normal. We talked on and on till the early Hours of morning, when Sue said to me in a quite shy Voice, “You want to finish, what we started? I couldn’t believe my Ears but showed her that I was very willing and we both finished what we started. It was like nothing ever before, just tender, loving, “Love making.” When we awoke a few hours later, it was time to pick-up Jill from the Airport.
Sue ask me; “Could she please pickup Jill by herself?” I told her, not to worry, that I be waiting for her and Jill. When she left, I was tempted to “Shoot through” but I just couldn’t do it!” I loved her too! At this time for me the best thing to do, is have another Drink. After a while I started to get worried, Sue and Jill were taking too long at getting back here. I was going to wait a bit longer, but didn’t know what to do next. Another Hour and I heard the Car pull up.



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