A felony

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An incredible story

Submitted: November 26, 2014

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Submitted: November 26, 2014



When you import any stuff from another country there are certain standard procedures to be accomplished. Well I would like to share with you an incredible story that happened in a country outside US.

In any importation, there is a Single Administrative Document (SAD). This case happened more than 20 years ago. So at that time many of the present procedures were done manually. In this case, a small company, decided to import from USA, 500 items of merchandising. For that purpose they hired a small company which was specialized in these procedures. This import-export company had a person who did all the paperwork to remove the goods from Customs. But this particular person was in combination with some corrupt customs agents. And this was the procedure used: As all documentation was in English, they sought other documents that exhibit the same amount of items, in this case 500 items, but the price of each item instead of $ 5 was actually 0.50 dollars. Thus, the real amount paid was that small amount. But these ruffians, made believe the owner of the goods, that they had paid a much bigger amount. Let's say that instead of paying 625 dollars for that procedure only paid $ 62 with the false document.

Imagine that employee in complicity with several corrupt customs agents the amount of false paperwork that could enhance in a week and the amount of money you could get for it.

Maybe this would sound extremely weird for many people of an advanced country, but  there still are some less developed countries all over the world, were this kind of felonies are still happened.

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