An incredible story

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Something really incredible

Almost any of my friends, whom I told them that in a certain South American country there is a real case that surpass the most incredible stories of García Márquez (a famous Colombian writer who writes fantastic stories). Well, I suppose that is very hard to believe that a guy, who is a very skillful lawyer, was able to appropriate of a hospital, several schools and even a sports field using fraudulent legal tricks. This lawyer and his group got a fortune of more than 200 million dollars in a few years.

But how this was possible? For countries where Justice is respected this is something impossible, but in this country this lawyer was able to enter the upper echelons of power and according to some serious reports this mobster was a skilled lawyer who took advantage of loopholes in the law of judicial arbitration of his country to create fake arbitration proceedings which ended in an illegal verdict. For example, renting a building and paying a rent of 10 months ahead and then supported by a network of notaries, judges, police, local authorities and even corrupt officials of public records, he took over the building and then proceeded to mortgage it to any bank. With this mechanism more than 100 individuals and institutions have lost their property.

The second method was to produce false debts, for this purpose the lawyer and his group were ahead of customers who had debts to a bank, presenting false documents dated earlier than the debt owed to the bank and then thanks to the support of corrupt officials executed the fraudulent judgment came after the auction of the property and took possession of the building or land.

The third trap used was issuing fake bonds cards; this lawyer had created several cooperatives without permission of the controlling entity issued letters of guarantee in favor of insolvent companies earning multi-million dollar bids. After signing the contract, these companies demanded an advance by the work, and then they did not meet the work and disappeared. All this adds a scam for more than $ 200 million.

In this country, this mafia has been working with this method for over 15 years, and under his network there are dozens of judges, prosecutors, committed police. The question is this: 

Will it be possible to judge this lawyer and his mob with the present judicial machinery, which has not been cleaned and continues full of corrupt officials. Almost all the people believe this will be impossible, instead they believe than in a few years this lawyer and his mob will come free of dust and straw.

Submitted: November 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Cesare777. All rights reserved.

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Abdelmalek ELMAKRYNI

Though it seems very simple writing, telling trughts more making suspense to the readers. Overall, I really enjoyed reading to the end without missing any word, just to see whether this lawyer and his group will stand at the court that will sentence them to prison! unfortunately, he came free of dust and straw. "What's a pity!" I wondered after finishing reading.

Wed, November 19th, 2014 8:15pm


I appreciate your words. thank you very much

Thu, November 20th, 2014 5:20am

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