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What happens after breaking up with someone that you have gone out with for a long time. How do you forget their likes, dislikes or your feelings towards them?

Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



How do you know that you actually loved someone? It's easy. Once you don't talk to them or hang out with them, you start to realize how much you think about them throughout the day. Maybe for some people, a one-year relationship is nothing, but for others, it's their longest relationship.

My boyfriend and I broke up after one year of going out. This is not a blog about how much I miss him or how sad I am to not be with him anymore. It's just crazy to realize how much that person meant to you. Of course, the breakup is going to have some impact on you since well... it is a year. 

He was the person I would always text daily, the person that at the end of the day I would call him and tell him how my day was. I am not a clingy person so I never really showed him how much he meant to me because honestly I didn't even know it myself. Now that we are broken up, I feel an empty feeling in my heart. Maybe because you're just so used to someone being there with you that when they're gone you feel like something is missing. He was not only my boyfriend but someone I could lean on, someone that I knew would care about me. 

It's sad to know that, the one person you made plans for the future is gone. But as an optimistic person like me I think that things happen for a reason and that even though, things didn't go as planned with him it's because there's something way better ahead. Just because it's a breakup doesn't mean I have to be depressed, or think that I automatically have to "hate" him and curse his name. 

What we use to have was a really close relationship that I would always cherish, and even though we are not going out anymore, I hope that he does great in life. 

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