Sometimes you look at the sky and think "Wow. I wish I was the sky"

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Ever wanted to be the sky?

Submitted: October 31, 2008

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Submitted: October 31, 2008



Truthfully, today was just another day. But if I was to lie, I'd say it was the best bloody day in the history of my life. And do you know why?  Because, ladies and gentlemen, I became the sky. Yes, that's right. For thirty mind blowing seconds I was the sky.

I had no sense of self but I felt as if I was placed over the entirety of everything. I felt large and small at the same time. I was the biggest thing on this planet and I stopped to wonder who this "I" was, because it certainly wasn't me.
So this "I", which I had no concept of and it utterly took my breath away, was encompassing a whole world. Under me everything was happening and over me things no body ever knew about were going on.

I had a sudden urge to make fart jokes because nobody would ever look down upon me for it, because I was the sky.

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