My dreams, show my fascinations

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meh, thought bout it, it is true

Submitted: November 16, 2010

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Submitted: November 16, 2010




great things,

escapes from reality,

into a fantasy

our mind controls our own fate,

gives us good feelings and hope,


my dreams are different to yours,

you may dream of finally getting what you want,

but i constantly dream,

of life,

ripping me appart,

i see my body,

cut open,

X marks the spot on my back,

where the knife enters my heart,

the cuts the burns, i drive the knife deeper into my heart,

but i see myself

i stand up,

the blood flowing out of my veins,

onto my pale skin, down my body,

there is not an inch without blood,

but i jsut laugh,

so hard,

cus in the end,

i feelits all fun and games,

the knives keep cutting,

i laugh as theblood flows,

the feeling so great like a freedom,

im invincible,

becuase this pain i feel,

its so emensly satisfying,

i jus never want to wake up,

butthis is when,

i see it,

another person,

looking so innocent,

i laugh

i run knife lowered,

it cuts so easily,

i laugh as i started with their body,

hanging from hooks,

full of life,

screams of hope and pain, are died out by my laughter and enjoyement,

the blood, everything is so beautiful,

just like a work of art,

i smile,

covered intheir blood,

i stand back from the master peice,

sop beautiful,

i laugh

i like the blod from my lips,

my hand reach to the body, ripping it frolm shred, i luagh again as i eat,

the blood so fantastic in my mouth,


i feel powerful

i cant stop this crazy laughter,

the feeling so amazing,

i hold the gun

into my mouth pull the trigger,

finally i can feel this,

death comes upon me,

but i embrace it,

welcome it,

i become death itself, to terrorize people in their nightmares

but for me, this wasnt a nightmare but a vision, into the future,

as i wake up, the sweat rolls of,

and i have the urg for the sight and taste ofblood,

it grows every day,

but i must live my shitty life,

going insane

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