target practise

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just one i did while ago, might not be good but i put them up anyway

Submitted: November 09, 2010

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Submitted: November 09, 2010



whats the point

im already dedad

i have a target on my head

all it is, time

until mine comes

i have to deal with this shitty world


sure its a devils act

but atleast it cheats death

death isnt bad

people say suicide is selfish

sure people get hurt

but thats gonna happen anyway

they do it to leave early

life fucks them over time and time again

so they say fuck this im not being your slut

just an easy fuck

they cheat life and welcome death

they are happy

they dont go to hell

they go home

the world is hell


there is no devil

money and power is our devil

what is god

there isnt one

so life continuously fucks us over

one way or another

in this hell refuge some might say

we have, one escape

one saviour


this is the devils game

there is one way in

one way out

nothing is an escape

its just the devil

hiding what truly is


itw the well disguised escape

its not an escape

its a trap

or a curse

either way it is what the devil wants

it will never end out well

hearts will always be broken



all these things for somethin that

seems good

feels good

but its not real

its never true

just a story of adam and eve

until adam fucked us all

he did what any other person would

took a bite

hungry for power

that is the day life pulled out its dick

and started to fuck us all

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