Im not lazy i just retain my energy

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Sometimes you are looking for something, and at the same time you dont want to find it.

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



My name aint Stanly, and i dont got a license to kill, but i'll stab you with my screwdriver, so screw you if you call me lazy. I try hard, every night, dreaming about doctor frankenstein, and everyday trying to get my ideas to come to life, and the few that come through, i want them to run, but they trip as soon as they start to walk. I dream in my sleep, i dream when im awake, Edward scissor hands is not my friend, so im not cut out for this game, thats why i dont play. I stare in the mirror and complain, at the man in the reflection, im not a con, i fake i'll crash him like a plane, but i a get no reaction, he just copies me silently, he re-actions my actions. I wish we can get to know each other, but he just keeps watching me. I get headaches when im in my bed, i get headaches when im standing, im about to cut it off and lose it like the top of a tooth paste. Im looking out the window, it lurks in, the wind through, it hits me i get knee low, i open my eyes as if i know it all, salty water comes out from one eyeball. I justify my boredom, i feel the answer throught the breeze flow, but i just tuck it behind my head dome. Because im scare of so much truth, i dont know how to govern such a powerfull tool. I have a Jeff who lives at my skull, he is looking for signs to follow, i gave him none just emptyness to swallow, because im looking with my eyes close, even with my glasses on, there is no hope. Life gives you cues, like a little push, to start you off, but if you dont use them, they just become an excuse, and there aint any stupid people ever since excuses came to be of good use. So let me have a big-o-cup of lazy juice, since my body is so accustomed to it, it should digest properly, im a loyal customer to the gemini store, and im a true two face sore loser, and this is the final score, i came to understand, so call me lazy i dont care anymore.

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