Revenge of the White Man

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The poor white man. All these people are coming and taking everything from him. First his job. Then his house. Then his woman. But there's something up his sleeve - The Law of Diminishing Returns.


Submitted: March 13, 2014

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Submitted: March 13, 2014




 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2m

~ The End ~


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2m

handing of the briefcase from generation to generation would necessarily stop with him. He boarded the elevator to the 56th floor in silence


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  3m

white man, in the end, the white man would win. That his most prized possession, his son, would not be of him, he would be of them. The


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  6m

the white man. Still, something troubled the young Indian-American. Something gnawed at him. He knew that of all the ways he had beaten the


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  7m

a fleet of more than a hundred white men. At his disposal. Imagine that. From the first grade onwards, he had beaten the white boy and then


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  8m

the ways he had beaten the white man - at his own game no less. He had just come over  not more than 10 years ago, and now...he commanded


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  10m

Indian working in fast food as it was to see a white doctor. Maybe even less. There are still some white doctors left. He thought about all


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  11m

to himself "I've made it". He said it in his native tongue "Kuch Bun Ghaya". He felt sorry for the white slobs. It was as common to see an


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  12m

And now as he was pacing to his office, briefcase in hand, wearing his Polo shirt, across that parking lot, he thought to


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  25m

the girls gave him a hug, and, well, we got nothing.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  26m

attend that classroom for four exams and a Final. I'll tell you one thing though - that old geezer got something I didn't get - almost all


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  27m

it wasn't fair, but we weren't hurting nobody. I think about those classes and I'm glad they're behind me. What a waste of time! To have to


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  28m

there, to study, sometimes all night, to meet with others to study, to prepare with flashcards, CBT's - all this and to fail? Yeah, I know


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  29m

every one by heart. And we passed with higher scores than you. Some of you even failed the fucking course. Like what a waste of money! To go


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  30m

answer, but you weren't sure. And when you kept changing your answers, we laughed at you. We never changed our answers. We knew each and


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  30m

Singaporeans, Taiwanese, Indonesians - we watched at how you tried to remember. We saw that look in your face when you thought you knew the


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  31m

We used to watch you sweat. Every one of you. The whites, the blacks, the Chinese, the Japs. And all the other Orientals - the Malasians,


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  32m

scores in the 90% - 95% range. Some of the greedy ones took home 97's and 98's. Those that didn't give a damn gave themselves in the 80's.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  33m

true win-win situation. We would miss some of the questions we knew on purpose so as not to invite suspicions. Most of us maintained our


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  34m

off of us and that was it. We didn't mind. We never really like basketball or getting high and they could never understand cricket. It was a


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  37m

But not much, though. He had a reputation to protect amongst his homeys. Couldn't be seen with us too much. Just enough to be able to cheat


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  38m

him. Because he helped get us blind dates. With his friends, of course. We were even invited to a couple of frat parties and house parties.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  40m

white boy. The black man knew though. He knew we had the goods. He even tried to hang out with us. To get the goods. And sometimes, we let


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  41m

And we - there were fifteen of us - we swooped in to the lecture hall and we flew right out. First ones done! You wondered how we did it,


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  41m

hell are we going to benefit from the crap in that class. What gold or silver or Mercedes will it buy me? Yeah, so we just came to exam day.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  42m

getting a hold of last years exam and committing it to memory. And we have no qualms about not showing up to class either - like what the


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  43m

all consumed. So every class for 140 semesters received the exact same exam, verbatim. And unlike the paler race, we have no qualms about


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  44m

What do I care about integrity, academic honesty, creed and colors? You are not permitted to waste any more paper until all those papers are


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  45m

productively in the course of your employment here at the university. We don't pay you enough to be wasting our precious paper. What?


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  46m

had happened (by the usual routes, of course), He gave that Elder an ultimatum: Either you eat those 60,000 sheets of paper or you use them


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  47m

learn how to copy double sided if the originals were not double-sided. The concept eluded him. When the department chair got wind of what


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  48m

instead of 50 and when he came back in the morning, there were 5,000 copies of his 12 page exam, all one-sided because he never bothered to


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  49m

The geezer was naturally lazy and never changed his exam. I wonder if he ever even saw them again. He probably made 5,000 copies one day


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  49m

what that dastard word means. But I passed the exams. Oh boy, did I ever pass. 100% on every exam. At least that could've in theory happened


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  50m

do not to barf all over the lecture hall was to stuff our mouths with our scarves, which we wore year-round, by the way. I never learned


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  52m

when that old geezer was teaching the class, Humanities 101 it was, I think, it came out like some innate guttural sound and all we could


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  53m

liberal arts! Freaking Roman Architecture and "Baroque" paintings. The damn word itself is nasty enough to want you want to hurl. And then


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  54m

of that guy with the briefcase. And here he was. Flesh and Blood. The guy with the briefcase. He had made it. All those years of intolerable


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  55m

, knew it. And that child, since the day he was born, has been held up in many many arms, kissed by many many people, who were all thinking


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  56m

and mind and soul that it must have transferred through. He never felt it like that night though. That night, five years and nine months ago


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  57m

when it was finished nor when it ever began. He comforted himself that whenever it happened, the right thoughts were in his head and body


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  58m

that Hindu man as he lay with his wife that night. It's all he thought about! So caught up was he with this vision that he no sooner knew


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

not have modified his gait, speed, motion, or direction if even a torrential rainstorm were thundering upon him. That guy was in the mind of


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

black parking lot, headed towards a glass-enshrouded tower, head bent low, jaw serious. It might as well have been raining. The man would


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

Five years and nine months ago, this man had an image of another man - a man in great earnest! Briefcase in hand, rapidly crossing the


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

to school on his very first day with that image calming his limbic system. It goes further back, though, a little bit further down the road.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

planet. It is the end goal in college. It is the end goal in High School. It is the end goal in Middle School. Even the Kindergartner goes


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

looming glass enshrouded tower in the distance, that walk across the parking lot, hand clasped over the finest leather specimen on the


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

That is the end goal for each one of them. The briefcase, the dark suit, the sunglasses, the cabin-forward lean in his gait, that large,


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

ever done to earn notoriety. They find it comforting that it's a large employer with a long track history of increasing dividends yearly.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

some a legacy. "Pox to small business!" they shout, mixed with a good measurement of laughter. "What good is small business, what'd they


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

it like the M was capitalized. Those young Hindus. They all want to work for a Multi-National Corporation. As if it's going to earn them


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

A good thing it was too. That they ended up winning. We couldn't manage our sock inventory much less a multi-national corporation. They say


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

Chapter 2 - A Good Thing


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

We will never earn recognition.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  1h

real good even the Mona Lisa looks like jaded peaks. So we survived. We are a minority. But we will never be treated like one.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

Thank God. There's comfort in that. I don't think I want a perfect anything. How vain, indeed! How we can call anything 'perfect'? Magnified


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

you are. You and me. We made it. Look around you. Ah, the disgusting look apparent. It came do 99.9995 success, but nothing is perfect.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

They were determined to eradicate the propagation. This would be the end of them, they thought. But a few survived. A scant few. That's who


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

a long-winded house guest. Who is overdue his stay by four weeks. They started castrating the prisoners first. And the actors second.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

funny, relaxed, let our hair grow, etc., they would let us live in peace. A minority we were. They tolerated us like we tolerate a


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

controlled banks, media, museums, governments. We were musicians. We entertained them for a long time. Entertained them. Because we were


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

In the end, it ends up like this. One by one, the rebels are killed off to reduce the ranks, as scouring brush wipes off stains. They


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

from the interview, out the door, under the sign that said "Innovation. Courage. Invent" and you know you made the right decision.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

in my own company. They don't want to entertain the thought of hiring you. It repulses them more than nothing else. You end up walking away


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

higher-level manager or higher. The rest of us can rest knowing that that the only way I am going to reach a senior-level position will be


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

The ones that always did what the teacher said. Or screamed. Those pupils get their names entered into a global database of hiring-eligible


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

want a freaking nut walking around here?" They don't want inventors,  they want elementary school children before they learn to become bad.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

They want nothing of the sort. Human Resources (the department) cringes at the idea of hiring somebody different. You hear them say "Hey,


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

We don't know when to stop. They say they wan't different, with a Capital D, but their workers all look alike. And act alike. And eat alike.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

Then why aren't they hiring us? Maybe because we never learned public etiquette and the right way to eat a sausage. We think too much.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

to the prevailing winds. They are the one's getting jobs. You and me are different. But they're looking for different - aren't they?


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

water fountain. You don't fit there. You grimace and frack on your lower lip but the fuckers in the ad look nothing like you. They conformed


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

risk it. No one ever got fired for hiring Fred Middle-of-way-Bell Curve Jaspers. That's the guy they hire. Those are the people around the


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

mouth water. Never given credence. That innovator is sitting there, IN HIS GARAGE!" "You won't hire him. You can't take a chance. You can't


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

Innovation used to be honored! But never invited. Never given employment. Never given the sweet taste of benefits. Just the word makes your


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

factor, or CF - the higher it goes, the more honored you are." He closed his mouth and looked at everyone for a good half-minute.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

this motherfucker for a loooooong-ass time - you wouldn't know. We were honored to be different - now, you're honored by the compliance


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

the opportunity to meet even. "Well, I'll tell you something.", he (the rulebreaker) began, "Yeah, we had it good a good long time. We ruled


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

They the sole reason Burger King permitted you to have it your way. There were a lot of you back then. Quite a few, we were honored with

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 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

remain, to agonize the public needlessly. These were the people who wanted things to run "their" way. They had a problem following rules.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

He was brought before the court for a crime committed against the State. They thought they had gotten rid of them long ago, but remnants


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

Twas the least they could do. Oh, it might be fascinating a little, we might garnish a laugh out of it yet. They thought. it might be fun.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

Condemned he was. By the highest Court in the land. He had won an appeal and they had accepted the plea. To hear him, they would.


 mK ?@mk_wordsmith  2h

A new story tonight enfolds

amidst the nite-ties and pantyhose

To parley a message, urgently sent

from one condemned, broken and bent.

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