"The Other"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Do you know what it means to be the "other". Have you ever felt that contemptive stare from a collective majority?

First seen on Twitter (@mk_writer) in real time in the wee hours of the 17th of March. You have to start from the bottom and read up for it to make sense. You'll never be the same.




Then Bob Dylan sings.



else will change, they think. Nothing changes for fifteen years after the birth of their first - God help them if it's a girl.



You come to these shores bedeviled. You see a life back home, but with money! The only difference is that life here is with money. Nothing



that first one that was drawn to this place. Why come here? You better forget your weird ways and customs. Oh Sikhs! Oh Religious Scholars.



i'm just saying. The ABCD's eyebrows came together, he was standing now, quite red in his dark face. His dad understood and cursed that



grade! I was called Chakra for a few years, then Chak or Chak-baby then I became 'C' - just C. Dad, when you're gone, so goes your name,



supposed to do what? Carry on the name? Our name is "Chakraburtty" for God's sake! I've been trying to erase it from my identity since 2nd



not to be confused about? And with a religion too!? Born in the New World, Stamped with a color, following a strange religion, he is



"The Confused". ABCD. He's confused by nature. Poor thing. A being made from the genes of Peshawar in the Land of American. What is there



you some kind of freak?" - That's what they say when you talk like that. So Progress happens, and finally "The Other" gives the baton to



fields of amber green, they look at you with ridicule. They roll their eyes. "Peace and Quiet?" - they cry. "Is that what you want?" "What,



will embrace you. That is Progress. If you, on the other hand, want to encourage a simpler way, a way back to basics, of nature and wide



the Gods of Life and Eternity respectively. So if you want to discover a technique that might squeeze more product with less cost, they



expressed. The majority has decided that Progress is ever quicker, more productive, more efficient, Less being More, Technology and Science



can say that again. Our educators across the land "educating" children day and night, educating them on Progress. But only one viewpoint is



enough, apparently. They wanted to get their claws on them even earlier. These bloodsuckers. Look how they suck it out! Our educators. You



The new generation (G2), the ABCD, so devoid of their roots as to be emptied, then filled to the brim with garbage. The age of 5 was not



knew how to get things done. This new generation is reminded of Equal Opportunity at every juncture. They're scared to get out of line.



The Italians, The British, The French, the Poles and the Chinaman. You'd find very few of us collecting unemployment. Legally that is. We



personal attachment to security. They played it safe. They were successful. Very few unsuccessful immigrants, if you don't count the Irish,



their entire lives. They took no risk. They had no help. They were "The Other" and that was the way it was going to be. They felt a strong



got here. Through circumstances, fortunate and unfortunate both, they arrived here. G1 had to find shelter first. That stayed with them



is the "The Confused" of Immigrant Indians and Pakistanis. These children of the "The Other" were "The Confused". The First Generation (G1)



can't understand why his father just doesn't understand? What's with him? Why does he act so gay? Whats wrong with him? The ABCD generation



can't understand why his father just doesn't understand? What's with him? Why does he act so gay? What's wrong with him? The ABCD generation



they should be fine. It worked for me, he mused. "...Perera is on a Hat Trick! He did it before in Pakistan and he here is now..." The ABCD



Why they didn't assimilate, he couldn't tell you. All they need is some Rock n Roll, Beef Jerky, A Bud Lite, and the remote control and



couldn't tell you what or who he was respecting). He had done that minimum to keep at least some connection alive with his remote tribe here



contact and that was good, he thought to himself. He had to make the necessary head movement and hand motion out of respect (though he



some manifestation of light, I cannot stop and chat.Sorry. The ABCD was quite content with himself today. He hadn't made any type of eye



these elders. He had a reputation to protect. He was in College dammit and there were chicks around. As long as there are chicks around and



busy with something productive." The ABCD thought out loud. He could not think of anything that would compel him to stop and hang out with



"All these guys, with nothing better to do than inhale tobacco and 3000 toxins per square inch of that loathsome cigarette, need to be



as encouragement. The ABCD will never be seen with this group of smoking, class-skipping, flip-flop wearing weirdos. He would rather die.



Bent ever, never stopping, just waving without breaking stride. And there might be one guy in the group that moves his head as



between the wickets..." The ABCD will just keep walking, on his way to class, backpack securely on his back, hunched back, eyeglasses on,



walk away. "...He is sound. Well, that a bull short isnt it? Everyone went into the air, This is a lot better, and that's one between deeper



Confused Desi. It's quite the accepted thing. Everybody knows what an ABCD is. Even the ABCD will not challenge the description. He'll just



worse, trying to be black. We've seen those of us that are confused. We even have a name for them - ABCD.  ABCD we call them. American Born



it's fun being different? And we can't change our ways - no matter how hard we try. We would look quite sad trying. Trying to be you. Even



Minority so that you would live in the Majority. Taken as one. of them. Our Dream. Your Realization. That's why we're here. Do you think



who we so proudly were. You can't take it out of us and we can't put it into them. We the Lost Generation. We the sacrifice. Living in the



we remained behind. We'll never assimilate. You'll have to wait for the second generation to take out all those great things that made us



quite well. Instead we were taken with some trepidation. The reason has to do with the advent of Television. When television came,



with 2.5 kids per home and more than 3 TV's per home. But we remained different. We never became that neighbor across the lawn that you knew



The Russians and the Jews. The Jewish Russians. The Russian Jews. They came here and became best of friends across well manicured lawns



The French. You can't even tell after one generation who were the French and who the British. Yet back home, they were bitter enemies.



the TV. That's when it all began. Before the advent of the TV, people assimilated real nice and easy. Look at the Irish. The Scots.



haven't assimilated yet? blame it on TV. Take a look when immigrants started resisted assimilation? It started with the introduction of



He's been told...Oh, there's a decision here! and its..Not Out!" So you see our conundrum?  We we stick to our roots? you know why we



who his dad is. We would have to let go of our soul as we let go of the clothes..."It's not on the hand, so therefore, it should be Not Out.



of harmony. Of sacred things. Of philosophy. Of old texts. Release. We have to let go of parents, grandparents, Ancestors. No body knowing



Have you ever wondered how hard it is to assimilate? Basically, we'd have to give up 6,000 years of upbringing, Of growth. Of community.



direction, back to safety. Going anew too scary at times. It's hard to assimilate. Have you ever given it thought, Tom, Dick, or Harry?



to shore? To find us. Wherever we might be. They'll find us. Inevitably. Just as we think we have assimilated, we get tugged in the other



take away the dramas. Take away the songs. Take out the garbage. Don't let us see that shit. We left it behind. Why do you let it come to



this shore? You Americans want us to assimilate? You want us to become drunkards and spend a few choice years of our lives in jail? Then



thing in the game...all of a sudden you realize, oh, it's coming towards the head!..." How is a woman to progress? Who let these dramas on



you expect the ball to land far in front of you, but it goes another way! Oh he has no time to react! Hideous. This is the most frightening



is understand the configuration"...Oh dear!...oh no!...oh no!...Yeah, thats nasty, Oh dear...that's a no ball at well...During that yoorker



back home, of course. ..."Once for all, its time to bring jacob forward...Rather ugly shot, and it'll go for four too...The important thing



and every three hours thereafter. How is she to progress when she is presented with her past? And who is doing the presenting? The people



sides, emotionally involved in dramas broadcast from their home country. Work is not getting done. This drama only comes on at this time,



airwaves. over and over again. Some channels now 24 hours a day. Housewives, half a world away are sunk in sofas, remote control at their



"Needs more than that in the last session"...The alien wants to integrate but the past holds him back. The past is broadcast to him. On the



around the neck. It comforts. The soul. Looking back feels good. Moving forward scary. It comforts him to hear cricket in the background.



the minnous are small"...I left this cricket game yet there it is. It followed me. I left. It followed. Not letting me go. Like a cloak.



the bamboo. The sandal. I left all that. I thought I left all that on the tarmac. ..." You hook it on top..tough edge...edges are big while



I have it in the New World! There it is. The place I left. Even though I left it, there it is! There are the people that I left. The huts.



I subscribe to the SouthEast Asian Channel. What technologies. To bring my home to my home. Never letting me go. Forward. Wont let me forget



the tv every now and then. Probably not. "The fresh delivery...into the attack"...It goes on, with nary a break. Cricket is on the DirecTV.



I'm not paying much attention to it. It's just in the background. "...Have been gagging the ball to the left-hander". I may turn my head to



I'm writing this with the game on in the background.

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Submitted: March 17, 2014

© Copyright 2021 chakudaku. All rights reserved.

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