my endless lullaby

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it freaking poem, its dosent need a summary.

Submitted: November 13, 2010

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Submitted: November 13, 2010



it started with those first few drops

a taste of whats to come.

it picked up

as did the fun

that i had stirred.

i never thought it would turn to hail

but then it hit me hard.

that my mistake was to go that day,

and find him in the park.

but of course my lonely soul

had convinced me not to fear.

so off i went.

into the snow that had begun to swirl.

of course its cold but he was there.

to hold me, and to keep me warm.

and so the rain comes down in sheets,

as the one i call my mother,

sends me to a place once loved and

leaves me there to rot.

the teardrops i cried were nothing

the cuts that apeared were nothing,

that is, until the day,

they finally noticed.

just how terrible i had been feeling.

and they tell me its fine.

but its not, its all wrong.

he wasnt there.

he wasnt holding me.

i was freezing again.

alone in the rain.

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