Somewhere In The World

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This poem explicates how diverse the world is, and how so much is happening at this very second that we don't all experience at once..

Submitted: May 30, 2011

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Submitted: May 30, 2011



Somewhere in the world there is:

Someone taking there first breath,

and someone taking there last.

Someone having the best day of there life,

and someone having the worst.

Someone laughing,

and someone crying.

Someone being wedded,

and someone getting a divorce.

Someone innocent being accused of something they didn’t do,

and someone getting away with there crime.

Someone eating,

and someone starving.

Someone shopping,

and someone wishing they had something to wear.

Someone complaining about having to go to the doctor,

and someone wishing they had one.

Someone falling in love,

and someone falling out of love.

Someone trying to hide,

and someone wishing to be found.

Someone hating there job,

and someone wishing they had one.

Someone looking at the sun,

and someone looking at the moon.

Someone believing a lie,

and someone telling one.

Someone making something,

and someone breaking something.

Someone dreaming,

and someone dreading.

Someone enjoying life,

and someone regretting it.

Someone loving,

and someone fighting.

Someone being seen,

and someone being ignored.

Someone accomplishing wondrous things,

and someone struggling to make it through the day.

Someone winning,

and someone losing.

Someone living safely,

and someone living in fear.

Someone getting paid millions of dollars,

and someone begging for change.

Someone living in a mansion,

and someone living on the side of a filthy street.

Someone running away,

and someone coming back.

Someone going to see family,

and someone being taken away from there’s.

Someone screaming for joy,

and someone wincing in pain.

Someone kicking the habit,

and someone feeding the craving.


Someone dying,

and someone finding a cure.

Someone who knows the truth,

and someone who’s still in the dark.

Someone bleeding,

and someone being healed.

Someone being held,

and someone being hit.

Someone wondering,

and someone finding the answers.

Someone causing mischief,

and someone helping to fix it.


We are so blind, so ignorant to what is going on in this world, that it’s crazy.

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