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Please try my new challenge, guys. i don't have any prizes to give you but hopefully there's something i can give : FUN, lol.

I'd appreciate if you join

my challenge is due June 16 :)


#1 case challenge: She’s dead?!- by Champoo


Hi, Champoo’s here! I tried to write a detective challenge for the first time(I’m a sleuth-freak recently!). I’m sorry if this case is not interesting enough, but I’ll try harder next time, lol! It took me about 2 and a half hours to finish it(with playing games, lol). Ok, before we start, I’ll tell you something. It may help you to solve any cases. The key is from the word ‘DETECTIVE’, he..he..

You might think it’s weird, but I’m not lying, I’m telling you the truth. If you can’t think of it, ok, I’ll help you; why didn’t I write a sleuth? Lol. Ok, I guess it’s clear enough. God, forgot to tell you how is the way to dedicate your analysis.

Easy, just post me a comment with the result of your analysis. Well, if you’ve watched/read detective books, you must already knew how to dedicate it, right? It must contain these followings : Is it a murder or she committed suicide? What’s your prove? If she was murdered, who was the murderer? If she committed suicide, what was her motive? If she was murdered, what was the murderer’s motive? How did the victims died? Or how did the murderer killed her? And many else. Happy analyzing! J


PS: NO CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kurito matsumoda(18) died in the dining room. The corpse is sitting on a chair with her head lying on a table which has a bowl of instant noodle which she used to eat before she died. The bowl is almost empty, and it has a small crack at the bowl’s mouth. There’re another things: a cut pack of seasoning(with Kurito’s fingerprint), a fork, and the bowl has another fragrance.

The one whom reported this tragedy was her sister, Matsumoda Yamiko. She was together with her husband, Jake Black, but the one whom called the police was Yamiko. Yamiko and Jake is married half month ago and moved to this residence since the last two weeks. Kurito was living apart since their parents’ death, but then she moved to this residence about half weeks ago, to live together with her sister, Yamiko. All of them were at home before that incident happens.

All of the rooms have been checked by the cobs, during the progress, they found a spill of detergent on the ground of the washroom(looks like it was spilled for about 3 hours, because all of the family members finished bathing at 6, and the incident is at 9) . The other ones are: another cut of packed seasoning in the trash can(with Yamiko’s fingerprint, but the pack wasn’t empty), a fragrance of aigner perfume at Kurito’s bed and Yamiko’s bed, but after they’d checked the toilet, they finally found an aigner perfume which has the same fragrance as on Kurito’s bed, another pieces of the crack are in the trash can.

Matsumoda Yamiko

She was Kurito’s ‘single parent’ before her death. She cooks for the whole family members and does cleaning every day routinely. She’s the Japanese who moved to NY since her marriage with Jack. She was the one who offered Kurito to move to NY and live with them. She had a strong kinship with Kurito that she knows almost everything about her.

She’s an expert cleaner and also a great cook. She works as a doctor in a small clinic nearby. She wants the whole family members to live healthily.

‘I can’t believe she committed suicide,’ she cried.

‘She didn’t have any physical diseases or any strange symptoms. She was in a great condition before she passed away.’

Jake Black

He’s the only American in this house. He had a quarrel lately with Kurito. He was found eating with his favorite spoon and fork when he said, ‘Hey, it’s just a small quarrel! I didn’t kill her!’

Jake is the owner of the hospital where Yamiko works. He used to be a doctor when he was 20, and he knows a lot about drugs.

Jake is an American who don’t know anything about Japanese stuff or culture, although his wife is Japanese. He was in the kitchen together with Yamiko.

Kuriko Matsumoda

She had a strong nationalism as Japanese. She usually cleaned her room, but sometimes she didn’t. In case she was busy or something.

She loved to eat ramen or other instant noodle with much seasoning, but Yamiko forbid her. She usually stole the seasoning from Yamiko while she was away.

She hated using perfume. Although she was a lady, she hated ladies’ activities such as sewing, shopping, and cooking. Not even the easy ones.


That’s all. Perhaps it’s boring, lol. I’m sorry if that so, coz this is my first time writing detective challenge, lol….


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