Stuggles of a Best Friend

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Memoir about my best friend

Submitted: March 12, 2014

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Submitted: March 12, 2014



Everyone has a lot of important things in life. Such as a job or family. It could be something little such as a book or a painting they painted or a drawing the someone drew for them. It could be a time something happened to you. Mine just so happens to be a person that I've never met but I talk to all the time. Her name is Bridget.
Bridget and I met through a chat room. I was new to chatting online to strangers. I knew the rules of what not to do online. I never gave out any important information like: my address, my email address, my full name, my age, my parents name, etc.
The chat room had cartoon characters that you make look a little like you and it also had games. The website had been up since 2007. That's also the same year I started playing it. I just started roaming around, figuring things out and then I met her.
She was quite different from the rest of the of the crowd. The way she dressed, the way she typed her words the way she was around other people.
Let's just say, she wasn't so nice to me at first. But I befriended her other friends, NayNay and Emily, and then she finally let her walls down for me to become her friend.
Everything went great for awhile til' we had a fallen out. NayNay and I got into it; I don't remember what for but it was bad. Since NayNay and she were friends first she took NayNay's side. NayNay and I forgave each other for whatever reason. But Bridget wasn't so willing to forgive me. I had to earn her trust again. I still hung out with her even though I knew she didn't like me that well but it was only 'cause I wanted to get to know her.
Why did I want to get know her? Well, I don't know. Like I said she was different. She was just a person that you knew was going to be your best friend. She had this fire that no one was going to put out.
As we grew closer, NayNay barely got online anymore. Bridget, Emily, and I were always together. As another few months passed; we grew closer and closer. We were pretty much inseparable. When this happened, they wanted to call me. I figured it was almost two years; I should trust them. They hadn't tried anything that would seem alarming; so I called them.
I had a Tracphone at the time which means I couldn't talk long 'cause I only had so many minutes.We talked for atleast twenty to thirty minutes every few days.
Emily started making new friends. So did me and Bridget. Emily's friends differed from me and Bridget's friends. Bridget and I kind of stayed in the same choice of friends.
Bridget had a boyfriend at this time, who was also on the website. We made friends with his friends. But Bridget and I always stuck together. Emily visited us sometimes but there wasn't hardly enough time for us to catch up on things.
After awhile, we thought the website was too childish for our age group. So, we starting using MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. We traded photos, played online checkers together, and listened to music together.
At this point, we knew a lot about each other. We trusted each other. We cared about each other. We loved each other like siblings do.
Bridget is three years older than I am. She has a younger brother who she doesn't even speak to 'cause of personal family problems with thier parents. She has three dogs. One is mixed with Chihuahua and Papillion. It had puppies, so they are also the same as she is. Chihuhua's are her favorite breed of dog. She doesn't have a good family life at all. When we Skyped; I heard them fighting all the time. They even yelled at her a couple of times.
She told me of how they use to abuse her. Her dad even bit her once. All I could do was feel sorry for her. There's no way someone in Tompkisnville, Kentucky can do anything to help an abused child in British Columbia, Canada. The only thing I could do, to the best of my abilities, was be there for her.
There was times we didn't get along and disagreed on a lot of things. Little Things such as what we were doing that day, who edits pictures for that day, are we going to type on our story script, etc. We usually worked them out or didn't talk to each other for a few days.
Our story scripts are for us to look back on and laugh when we're feeling down. Those stories are like the only thing we never argue about about. We were always happy when we got to do the stories. Those stories are what I looked forward to everyday. I remember sitting in class and being anxious to get home 'cause I wanted to do the stories with Bridget.
But Bridget got busy one year with her junior year and we occasionally talked but not long. That whole year was depressing because if I had a bad day, I didn't have anyone to tell it to that would listen and not judge me. I didn't really trust my friends in real 'cause I felt like they would tell other people. So I kept to myself that entire year.
Around her Birthday, January 10th, we started talking more again. We talked about everything that had happen for about three days.
Even though we didn't talk for so long; we still felt that closeness as we did before. I call that a true friendship and true friendships never die.
As for today, she has a job now. I talk to her as much as I can. She's in University studying childcare. Her life at home is still not that good. Her dad had a heart attack and he is not in the right state of mind. It bothers her that her dad might die soon but I reassure her if he does go; he won't be suffering anymore. All I know to tell her is to be strong.
Because it's always darkest before the dawn.

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