No Ordinary Carnival

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A carnival rolls into a town, but may not be what it seems.

Submitted: November 21, 2013

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Submitted: November 21, 2013



There once was a town with normal townspeople who worked normal town jobs. They thought nothing of their daily life because they were going about as they had seen their parents do and their parents before them. One day, a carnival came into town. The townspeople didn’t know what to do, and they asked one another what was happening. Should the carnival stop and leave? Should the townspeople go and enjoy the carnival? It was eventually decided to let the carnival do their business and be on their way when they wanted to pack up.

This was no ordinary carnival.  Children skipped from their homes holding their parents’ hands as they made their way to the grassy field where the carnival was being held. There were carnival barkers but not the kind that we now know. These carnival barkers were mimes, who silently yelled about what was in each tent. Inside the tents were various acts that the people in this town were astonished by. One tent featured a healing man. He was a stout, loud man who made people in wheelchairs stand and walk for the first time in their lives. It was quite the sight for the townspeople.

Inside another tent was a woman with only one eye. She stood inside a cage, holding a snake that was draped around her neck. This frightened many to a point where they had various physical reactions. Many women gasped, it was reported that even some men fainted at the sight of the woman with one eye. The only question that some of the townspeople had was why she needed to be in a cage.

One day, with the carnival being so successful, the owner announced that there would be a special show to be held for one night only. This announcement spread throughout the town and even those who were initially against the carnival decided to go to the show. Everyone was filled with anticipation as the day turned into night. Finally, the show began and the audience was treated to a remarkable show. A magician appeared to saw a woman in half, only to learn that the woman was actually perfectly fine. Singers sang classic songs that the townspeople, though unfamiliar with, enjoyed very much. Dogs leapt with such grace through hoops burning with fire. In the grand finale, a team of acrobats balanced on top of one another while the bottom man jumped over a swinging rope.

At the end of the show, the entire population of the city leaped to their feet in applause. They were so happy to see something so rare, they loved being on a journey away from their normal lives. Then, a canon of mist or fog, no one ever knew which it actually was, was shot into the air from behind the stage. It covered the audience and fell over the city. With the crowd being so dense and packed so tightly they were left standing helplessly next to each other. After each citizen took a single breath of the fog they fell to the ground, and into a deep sleep. It was a rare thing to say the least.

The next morning, the sun peeked over the mountains that surrounded the city. The citizens lying on the ground together began to awake. When they did, they noticed the fog had lifted, their town was still perfectly normal. The only thing that was different from the previous evening was that the carnival was no longer on the grassy field. The townspeople didn’t seem to notice the wheel tracks because they immediately went back to their jobs. The jobs they had been doing for years because that’s what their parents did and their parents before.

One year later, a carnival came to town. The townspeople gathered to decide if the carnival should be allowed to stay, as it was something these people weren’t used to seeing. It was decided that the carnival would be allowed to stay and do their business.

When it was discovered what the carnival owner was doing to these poor townspeople, he was questioned by investigators. Why would this person do such a terrible deed to unsuspecting and nice people?

It was the look on their faces. The belief that something that couldn’t be, was. Their reactions to the tents and shows were so real every time. It gave the carnival workers a thrill because after all, they were working there just as their parents did and their parents before them.

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