The unexpected love story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

My first ever short story, but I am still editing it. Let me know if I should continue

It was an early morning, the sun just broke the darkness of the night on the horison.I was in the kitchen as always, making some breakfast and coffee to start the Monday morning.If there is one day in the week that I truly hate, then it is a Monday.  Work lies like a mountain before me, and I don’t even like climbing.

This morning it was cold, so I decided that my heater will be on most of the morning.  I am a writer so I stay home most of the time.  I can sit in my office if I want to or in my bed, just what I feel like, but if I try to work in my bed my television will capture my attention and that is like a lullaby to me.

One day I was taking a walk in my backyard (I live next to the ocean so my backyard is the beach) and I was day dreaming of my true love, the one I never found.  It is a sad story because I am still so young but so hopeless with love.  There is thousands that wants me but I can’t seem to find comfort by none of them.

As I was walking I thought to myself why am I so rich with money but so poor with love?  It is true what they say that love can make you the wealthiest person ever.  Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy the necessary attention that you don’t need or want.

I don’t know if I can call my mistakes in the past “mistakes”... Maybe  I should call it “eye-openers”.  Because not one person in my past that didn’t make it to my future is worth it.I fell in love so many times, gave my all and every time my heart gets broken.

 When I think I actually have found the one for me, they usually just turn around and stab me in the back.  It happens so continuously I am starting to wonder why I can’t see it coming with every new person I meet. 

I was suddenly shook back to reality when I stumbled over a rock and landed face first in the ocean, wow I really am an embarrassment, no wonder I can’t find someone.  While I was lying in the water I felt this big knob on my head and I was gone.  The ocean swept me away.

I woke up on this Island and I began to laugh, I mean really.. such a cliche. My head is so full of stuff that I’m starting to dream about misteries islands... Nice, I am losing it aren’t I?  From the palm trees you came, and my mouth couldn’t help but to drop open.  Please tell me I am not dreaming, oh please... And the darkness came in and swept me away again.

When I woke up from another blackout, I was in my bed... wait... what??? Last thing I remember was walking in my back garden, the sand between my toes and the sea breeze in my nostrils... Now I'm in my bed??? So I see that the book I'm working on is lying on my chest, the television obviously on in the background and then it hit me... I was only, yet again, writing and falling asleep.  But it felt so real... the girl in my dreams, I need to meet her.

So I made it my mission... I must find her!! It wasn't the first time that I dreamt about her. So I think destiny is calling my name in some way.

That same day I went to the fish market, to get my ingredients for my famous sushi dish (the sushi I make for me, myself and I - what a sad life).  I was still picking at the fish with gloves on, and just when I picked up a prawn, you took my hand... When I looked up, I was stunned.  I couldn't speak a word and I was scared... Please don't blackout, please just don't.... let this be my reality.

As I stood there waiting for something, anything to happen, blackout or speak, you spoke... IT WAS NOT A DREAM.  I will never forget that first words: "Oh I'm sorry, I was reaching for the same fish and now I'm standing with your hand in mine".  It was a bit of an awkward situation, you expect when something like that happens that the person who made the mistake, grabbing the hand in instead of the fish would immediatly leave your hand, but this was a good 10 seconds hold on.  I've lost my heart, there and then.  Without even accepting the apology I stumbled and mumbled over my words and my reaction was "Looks like you also got a taste for good food.  I believe I make the best sushi in town and after you made me blush and stumble over my words, you owe it to me to come and taste my food.  So I will see you tonight at the house on the end of the beach, say 6 o' clock".  

After I realised what things just came out of my mouth, I kept a cool composure, turned on my heel and walked away... What the hell was I thinking???? What the hell is she thinking??? A tingle went up my spine and my whole body turned into goosebumps... It's the girl of my dreams, and there is a possibility that she will come to me... in 2 hours...

Getting back home and putting the fish away, I'm caught between do I clean up or don't? Why would she come to such an invitation?  Oh well, I'm going to clean up anyway, and if she doesn't pitch, I will go to the local club, it's been a long time since I did any cleaning up.  

So 6 o'clock came and gone... I was sitting there with a neatly layed table, lit with candles and the smell of fresh sushi and Rose wine in the air.  Quarter past 6, nothing, and just as I stood up to clean the place, there was a knock.  It felt like my stomach just dropped to the floor... Who might that be? Is it her?  Let's open up and see.

I walked to the door, straightening myself on the way... I reached for the knob, turning it slowly like in a horror movie, and when the door was fully opened, there she stood, she was here and my breath was gone.  She stood there with a jean, light pink jersey, and this delecant white shoes, her hair was curly by tied up, her eyes as brown as a hazelnut, and her lips soft with lip balm.  It felt like hours that we stood there staring at each other, until she said: "I made it, sorry I'm a bit late, bad habbit... so may I come in and actually taste this sushi you were bragging about, or are we going to stand here in awkward silence and just stare at each other?".  With that I sumbled yet again over my words, but realise I must keep a calm face and I told her that she must come in.

When she entered the room, I swore I heard a silent gasp... So I quickly informed her that I normally put efford in when I get guests, just so that I don't scare her off, and it worked... I let her sit down and pour her a glass wine, I put on some relaxing music, and went in the kitchen to finish the last touches on my sushi.  Don't know if it is a lucky thing to have an open plan kitchen, but I could feel her gaze on me, watching my every move... Before I get a panick attack or something, I smiled, looked up, and ask her to tell me about herself.

She is a teacher, plays hockey and loves sleeping, she went on... I carefully listened, so closely that I nearly lost a finger with the sushi preparation knife.  I couldn't help to start wondering what the night is holding in for me, for her, for us....

My nerves calmed down with a few sips of the cold wine, and I was able to have a conversation with this beautiful girl sitting in front of me.  We spoke, laughed and ate... After we were finished I was complimented on my fine sushi and she helped me with the dishes and cleaning up.  I noticed every little detail of her, the way she laughed at something funny, the way she laughed at old stories and memories, and then there were moments of silence when we looked into eyes other's eyes, and something in the blink of her eyes, said to me there's a reason that she is here.  The clock on the wall announced that it was half past 11, wow what a night.  I offered her a room with her own bed that she can sleep over in, but she resisted.  Which I understand because it is the first night together with a stranger.

She left me her contact details and I thought to myself, that must be a positive reaction.  So I stepped outside with her on the front porch, as a chilly wind blew her closer to me.  Well I couldn't let the oppertunity pass by, so I moved in for a hug.  For that brief moment, I felt her heartbeat against mine, and I was lost in love.  I fell inlove on the first date, how ridiculous...

I went upstairs to my bedroom and fell in my bed, smiling like an idiot in the darkness.  Just as I close my eyes to fall asleep, my phone's tone went off letting me know I've got a message, and yes, it was her, letting me know she is safely home and thanking me for the wonderful night.  At the end of the message I saw it, and it made me rub my eyes to make sure I'm seeing the right thing (xoxoxo), hugs and kisses.  Is it a hint??? I wonder....

The next day I was a new person.  It literally looked as if I'm listening to a song or something, because I was'nt walking like normal people do, I was dancing to get to any place I wanted to be.  At noon, I was sitting on my coach, over looking the deep blue horison, and thinking of her.  I sat and wonder, does she misses me like I miss her? What!!! I know her one night and I miss her... what is going on with me? It's not like me loosing myself over one girl like this? I'm a player, I don't do love stories.  That's maybe why I've been single for so long.  But with this one it is different, it's like I don't notice anything else... I just think about her.  I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't even hear the doorbell ring.  Still sitting there emotionless my phone rang and woke me out of this dream world I've been in.  It is her on the caller ID

I jumped up, not knowing what to do.  So I answered, trying to keep my voice from shivering.  She is outside my house, like in on the front porce, like in now!!!! HERE!!! At my door!!! Why??? But I didn't ask any of these questions, I ran downstairs to open of course.

As I swing the door open, before getting a "Hallo how are you" she jumped to the first sentence: "I couldn't stop thinking about you, I've never just accepted an invitation like that and actually go to the strangers' place, and then what gets me the most is the fact that I considered sleeping over, I'm not like that.  But now I miss you, and I don't know if it is normal, and I hope with my whole heart that this don't scare you off.......".  Yes she didn't continue with her sentence because I didn't let her, when all that words came out of her mouth, I took her in my arms and planted the most softest kiss on her lips, her arms around me, her eyes peacefully shut... It was the best day of my life.  So it went on for a while, we just stood there, holding each other close and kissing.  

Well after what seems an eternity I invited her in for coffee (but she doesn't drink any warm fluids) so Oros instead.  One of her favourite beverages.  So we sat down across from each other in a silence, not awkward though, as I look up from my cup I was staring into her eyes, and the words just came out "I missed you too", with that she sat down her beverage and stood up, me not knowing what is going to happen next, she came across the room, sit on my lap and put her arms around me.  Luckily for us mother nature was playing along, making the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen, or maybe it is just the way her eyes shines in the sun.  Sitting there, with our arms wrapped around each other, our heartbeats beating as one.  I didn't know what to feel, because it was so unreal.... But from that moment I knew, she is the one I've been waiting for.  I will never be able to let this go.

So the sun is setting and it is dinner time, so obviously I'm going to invite her to stay.  I made my favourite dish, mac and cheese.  Whilst I was busy in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove, she would come from behind and put her arms around me and with that motion she will kiss me in my neck and whisper sweet things in my ear.  This is so unrealistic.  How can we be this inlove after knowing each other one day??? Maybe I'm not dreaming, maybe I'm in a coma or something, this is too good to be true.  But whatever it is, I'm not going to over think. I'm going to enjoy every second with her.

After we sat down to eat, yet again talking and laughing and staring passionately into each other's eyes, I made the invite again for a sleepover, but this time better.  I told her that I don't have any plans to just jump into bed with her.  I'm not that kind of person, and that we can put some wood in the fireplace and watch movies... I was still talking and she made me quiet and said to me that she would be in no other place than by me tonight.  So we made the old traditional "family bed" in front of my home theatre and I took her in my arms and we watched movies into the morning light, dozing off now and then, and obviously kissing now and then.

We drifted off the last couple hours until we finally must wake up, or actually she must wake up for school... Teaching kids about life, kind of cute.  Anyway the last hours, her in my arms, us in a deep sleep, although I can feel her body against mine, her breath in my neck and her heartbeat giving away her peacefullness.  This was my heaven.  That moment when I turn to lie on my other side, and her body automatically turning with mine, and her arm coming over to hold me in a tight grip, my heart felt loved... What a feeling..

So she went to school, leaving me alone with all this thoughts of her... And just when I was feeling lonely her message came through, she is inviting me for dinner at her place... Well of course I'm going, nothing can keep me away.  

All dressed up, I went over to her house.  We had a nice candle lit dinner and after that we went to sit outside for some fresh air, taking a smoke.  As we sat there speaking and laughing, it was a week, only a week, that we've known each other.  As we spoke, out of nowhere, she let it out "I love you"... We both sat there staring to each other and I don't know if she actually said it or did I just hear what I wanted to, and she said it again, I think she just repeated it because she could see that I've got a question mark on my face... 

She apologised, maybe because I didn't say anything, and just as she was apologising, I stopped her and said to her "Baby, I love you too, I know it seems crazy because it's only been a week, but that is what I feel and I can't help it"...

Submitted: May 19, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Chandi. All rights reserved.

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